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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to All

A Christmas Memoir

Christmas - celebrated in remembrance to the birth of Jesus Christ, brings into my mind a conglomeration of thoughts. I view this festival from three different angles; general, spiritual and personal.

Generally the day brings to my mind the church service, good food, cakes, the bright star that hangs in front of our house, guests and finally new movies that come in different TV channels. I remember going to the church for the midnight service on Christmas eve and wishing that it would end soon so that I could return home and hit the bed. My father and especially my grandfather were very particular that when guests were present the TV should be turned off.

On Christmas day, after a sumptuous lunch of chicken biriyani and ice-cream for dessert my brother and I would rest in front of the television. Then our main request to God was-" O Lord, please no guests, at least not today." But often it turned out the other way and somebody would drop in and I had to sit there with a plastered smile on my face, wondering what the ending of the movie I was watching was.

Spiritually, the birth of Christ has a deep and noble relevance in my heart. The message of forgiveness and humility are something that one cannot forget on this occasion. Though the meaning of these terms is very clear, I'm ashamed to admit that I'm still passive to them. You have to forgive others who have wronged you; learn to be meek even in adverse situations - great teachings plainly told but very difficult to be practiced. Everyday my heart travels a long winding path to conquer the act of forgiveness but I admit, the journey is not always successful. One day sometime soon, I sincerely hope to yield myself to these two divine laws.

Personally, even to this day what remains close to my heart about Christmas are the carols. In my younger days I used to sing in choirs and had immensely enjoyed them. The traditional Christmas songs are my all time favorites. My experience is that a good song with meaningful lyrics elevates me to the level of spirituality more than a pastor's speech or a quote from the Bible. Last week my three year old son joined in singing 'Joy to the World' with his young friends during the Christmas program at his play-school. I was very proud and happy to listen to him singing.

Another thing that I enjoy even now is the decorated Christmas tree. I'm still mesmerized with all the beautiful ornaments and lights that adorn it. The ordinary pine tree really looks like a bride all decked in jewelry during this season. I don't think I will ever get bored of seeing the beautiful Christmas trees. Even now as we go to the malls I take my time to enjoy the beauty of these decorated trees. I hope to see more of everything that is related to this magical day in the coming years.

I wish everyone a joyful and Merry Christmas. Let the meaning of Christmas come true to each and every one of us.

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  1. Dear Susan,

    This post of yours took me straight to my Christmas holidays! Somehow, I enjoy the Christmas atmosphere, view of star-lit houses, rush of people on the main-road (facing my house) during Christmas eve midnight, party hosted by our neighbour (with all their family members and friends) and the related "pandemonium" post lunch etc. etc.

    Sometime later, I was a part of the Christmas carols during my tenure in Delhi!

    Now, I remember a mother who hosted us Christmas party for her last time in 1991! My tributes to Mrs. Leno Aunty! She will definitely feature in one of my future blog posts!

    Merry Christmas to you and the readers who visit this blog site!

    Best Regards,
    Renjith P Sarada


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