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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thank you everyone for encouraging and supporting me. I value all the comments I've received and am so happy to have come across your wonderful blogs.

Thank you Renjith Chetta for your constant encouragement and Tracy, I found a new friend in you. Thank you Rakhi and Sumi my dear old pals for your genuine appreciation of my creations. I'm grateful to Kristi Tencarre and her writing prompts; If I wouldn't have stumbled on them I would never have been here.

I hope this coming year I'll continue with my writing and will come out with more productive work.
I wish everyone in blogland a blessed 2010.


  1. Well written - worth the anguish.

  2. Dear Susan,

    Thanks for mentioning my name too! I have reserved a full page for Acknowledgements whenever I publish a book!!

    I too had a wonderful 2009 with respect to my blogs. Thank you for your support too.

    Best Regards,


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