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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Wintery Day

It is winter yet I make a trip to the nearby park
The vast stretch of snow covers the land
I follow the icy path leaving a clear track
All around me the fresh snow had left no trace
Of any past wanderers who’d been at the park.

The freezing cold doesn’t freeze my resolve
To take a stroll along the snow covered land
The bright sky and the silvery snow ease my mind
The wind as it passes by leaves a sweet music
And the stillness of the air echoes with it.

I tread softly through the white slush
The warmth of my bare skin
Is erased by the mild touch of the breeze
That numbs me for a while
I perceive that it’s time to turn back.

My mind was warm and alive
With the lovely sights of winter
My spirit was uplifted by the spell of the season
And I strolled back to my abode
With a happy and contented sigh.


  1. beautifully composed -- in every sense.


  2. This one is really lovely, Susan! We are knee-deep in winter, sooo much snow... I try to generate a warm thoughts alive to keep me going! Happy Weekend :o)

  3. Dear Susan,

    You have the ability to take the readers right there, I must admit. And, that too, in a few lines!!

    Of course, I am not a professional writer, but it takes me a little more time to develop a thread, create the characters, narrate a story and take the readers there.

    Also, noted the rhyming attempted.

    Good Luck!

    NB : My response to this poem was relatively slow, due to my recently experienced drop in my TMS (Time Management Skills), blame the heavy work pressure!!


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