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Monday, February 22, 2010

It was midnight and everything around us was quiet
We sat on the open verandah under the black canopied sky.
In the moonless sky the stars were shining
It was then that he touched my hand in the darkness and said,
“Love, soon I’ll grow wings and then I’ll fly up to the sky
And bring Venus to you. The clouds will be so gracious
To me that they will gift a dozen raindrop pearls to you
On my way back I’ll stop by to meet Cupid
Who will reveal to me the secret of eternal love
And thus we’ll love and live till the end of this world.”
My poor man longingly looked into my drowsy eyes
And as for me, who was slowly dozing off beside him
All I could remember of what I said to him was-
“Yeah, love I’ll wait, when pigs start to fly you too will.”

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  1. Such romance... such humor... WONDERFUL images here, Susan! :o)

  2. lol. love the twist at the end on this love tale...

  3. i was really getting into the romance of it, until the last line! reality is set free!!!
    well done Ariel!

    warm smiles,

  4. Ha, ha!
    What a surprise ending!
    It made me laugh!
    I enjoyed this!

    Margie :)

  5. Dear Susan,

    I laughed out completely, visualizing your dream and the reality!!!

    My poor man !!

    And, I am very happy to observe the new audio in your blog site. Congratulations !

    Best of Luck,
    Renjith Chettan


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