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Monday, May 9, 2011

Thought/s for the Day

Always try to be happy with the little things that are around us.

I learned this simple mantra from my four year old.

I was able to see a big smile on my son’s face when I gave him these 2 ribbon spools. With his building blocks and the spools he made a nice little vehicle. The structure of his truck was designed by him and my Dad showed him how to attach the spools as wheels.

Sometimes we have craft time at home. We don’t make them with any expensive materials. Empty milk or juice cartons are turned into cars and buses, cereal boxes into magazine racks, ribbon spools into wheels – my son loves to see such simple things created out of all these cheap materials.

How content small children are! How easily we can satisfy their needs and see genuine smiles on their innocent faces. All that it takes is some creativity and time on our part.

Nowadays the beautiful weather and the spring flowers make me smile. I embrace life with all its imperfections and am happy and thankful for each day that is gifted to me.

Embrace the life that comes our way. Change whatever we can or want to that is within our power. But smile and hold tight to the precious time that we have here with all that we have and with the things that we yet strive to attain.

Love Always


  1. It really is the little things that can give us the most joy!
    And we can learn so much from children about being happy!

    What a great little vehicle your son creative!
    Love it!

    Enjoyed this post, Susan.
    Enjoy your evening!

    Margie :)


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