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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thought/s for Today

"TV. If kids are entertained by two letters, imagine the fun they'll have with twenty-six. Open your child's imagination. Open a book." -Author Unknown

Today my thoughts revolve around books and reading.

I started reading quite late in life. When I was small I never had any interest in books. My father on the other hand is an avid reader. Back home in India we have a vast collection of books; a collection that expands from Enid Blyton to the complete works of Shakespeare.

Gradually during school holidays boredom led me to books and then I fell in love with them. Unfortunately, I’m still a very choosy reader. I read books only that I find interesting. I don’t have any affinity towards the world of Science and Fantasy [I know sometimes it’s difficult for even me to digest this because as the readers of the world look forward for the next Harry Potter series to be published, I’m currently content with the works of light writers like Sophie Kinsella, or an engaging novel or short story by Jhumpa Lahiri or even a good collection of poems.]

Now as the mother of two kids, I want my children to create a hobby in reading. My elder son loved to look at picture books even when he was only eight or nine months old. Before he turned two we started taking him to the library. Even now at the age of four he loves Dr. Seuss, The Word Bird Series, Clifford and tons of other books.

I’m currently reading a book by Pam Allyn called ‘What To Read When’ where she has explained the need for us to read to our children, to create a comfort zone so as to instill a reading interest in them and she even has given a wonderful lists of books that newborns to ten year olds can have.

Books can be our best friends. They can definitely take us anywhere within the realms of our imagination/planet or even beyond that. Now technology has advanced so much that we can read from anywhere with the help of devices such as Kindle and notepads. Though personally I always prefer a book, the touch and smell of the pages through which I pursue my journey into the world of reading, to the latest gadgets.

How is it with you? Which are your favorite books?

Love Always


  1. oh, i love books and could never be without them as i so love to read!
    right now i have 12 from the library.
    i don't care to have a kindle though as it's not the same to me as holding a book in my hand and turn the pages.

    my kids loved dr. seuss!
    i did too and still do!

    i enjoyed this post, susan!

  2. I too am a regular visitor of the library.Here you've many libraries with soo many wonderful books. It's one of the many things that I love about the US.
    Once again Thank you Margie for your time.


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