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Monday, September 26, 2011


My attempts in doodling on Index Cards.

I started visual journaling only recently. With a pre-schooler and a six month old at home, playing with art and craft is quite challenging but I try to do at least a little bit each day.

Index cards are very helpful for me as they don't demand much time and it's affordable to experiment as much as I want on them. My creations on ICADS are like quick references for me. If I like a particular pattern or texture that I created I try to do it on a bigger canvas.

Thank you Tammy, for coming up with this great idea. Your blog is very inspiring for a novice like me.

Usually I don't follow the prompts. Whenever I have time and a pen in my hand I come up with such drawings.

Love Always


  1. fantastic index cards! you capture so much detail. congrats on finding the time to create every day with two little ones at home. The index card challenge is perfect for that - I've been doing it since June and it keeps me focused on creating, and I already love looking back through them and remembering what was going on while I was making them.

  2. Your cards are great - I especially like the one bottom left. It's hard to find time to create when you have such little ones but I'm sure they benefit from having a much more relaxed mama when you find time to be creative. Well done :-)

  3. Susan, love the cards!
    Hope all is wonderful in your life!

    Miss you!

    Margie x

  4. Dear Susan,

    I had not been to "" for quite sometime. Since I do not receive any alerts / emails once you post your blogs, it needs manual intervention to read your blogs.

    I truly appreciate your skills and I liked the drawings published vide this blog.

    Keep up the good work and keep writing. I am down with "Writer's block" and may take some time to come back :(

    Best Regards,


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