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Friday, December 30, 2011

Wrapping up 2011

Some Memorable, Joyful and Creative events  of 2011

March 12 - The arrival of our second precious little bundle, Siddharth (Sid) Panicker, little brother to Ashish. Then I had my parents here to help us. They were here for almost six months and we were so happy to have them with us.

I had neglected my blog during pregnancy In the month of April I started blogging again. Another important thing that I started and am still continuing is keeping a journal where I record my daily activities, thoughts and ideas. In fact I started 3 journals - A Gratitude Journal,My Daily Diary and My Dream and Idea Journal.

 In July I accidentally stumbled on 'Art Journaling' and I just fell in love with it. I found some amazing blogs and visiting these blogs became a part of my daily routine.

In August I started homeschooling my 4year old son using the Sonlight Curriculum.

By September I started doodling on Index Cards, following Tammy's  inspiring ideas and posts here,

 Through the I met an incredible blogger, Dion Dior,  and has ever since been a fan of her work. Her posts are so very inspiring and her paintings, bright and vivacious. She was kind enough to give me valuable suggestions on beginning watercolor lessons.

 Currently I'm taking an online watercolor class by Alisa Burke, another amazing blogger and artist.

In November I took Julie Balzer's online workshop, '30 Days in your Journal' and I loved it. If you want to try out Art Journaling I do recommend her class. She is a great teacher who explains things so well and takes time to go through each student's work.

This Christmas season was so special  for us. We got a tree for the first time and had so much fun decorating it. I and my son created tons of craft and we hung some of them on the tree. This year I was able to make handmade cards and sent them to dear and near ones.

I tried my hand at scrapbooking too. I did some layouts for my friend and really enjoyed doing them.

In the coming year I'm looking forward to take my love for art more seriously.

I'm asked how I get time to do all ths with my two little ones and the household chores.My answer to them is that : Life is too short. It's OKAY even if things aren't perfect. But what matters is that YOU ARE DOING WHAT YOU LOVE and thus making your day worthwhile. I also try to break up what I want to do into small sessions so that without feeling pressurized I can do what I enjoy and at the same time I can even spend time with my family, So I always try to TAKE BABY STEPS.

In 2012 I plan to continue with
* Art Journaling
* Water Color Practice
* Reading- Read at least one book a week.
* Scrapbooking - to keep a record of the important events in my life.
Along with this I'll be teaching my son and hopefully we'll be doing tons of crafts.   
Art work by my son.

Love Always

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  1. Susan, I really enjoyed this post!
    You are a very busy lady and mom that enjoys all that life gives you!

    I wish you a great 2012.

    Margie x


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