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Friday, January 20, 2012

Art Journal-3

I've two layouts for this week. I did only 4 days each on both the pages. Am trying different techniques and mediums on each layout.

The one above was created using only three water colors and sharpie fine point pen to write. This time I doodled using water color. Doodling is stress free. As there is no particular object or pattern in my mind I find it very relaxing.

For the next layout, from the 15th to the 18th of this month I used collage materials,watercolor and acrylic.

I'll show you from where I got the tree, the butterflies and the flowers.

This was an old bag that I'd. I love the pattern, the writing and the message on it. Thanks to my passion for Art Journaling that I cut the patterns and pasted it on my page. I was dying to do a collage for some time and voila!

These two layouts are good examples to realize that Art Journaling can be done using very little stuff and even with things that you've at home, stuff that you would love to cling on but don't need anymore. Just make slight changes, modify them, re-size them to your convenience and there you go.

Next week again a totally new page.

Thanks and Happy Art Journaling to all


  1. It all looks beautiful!
    It's so nice to see your art journal!

    Have a great weekend, Susan.

  2. big like on both of those things! the detail shots really help me appreciate all the texture you use in your art. :)

  3. Sounds like you had so many good art moments! The experimentation, the tree for collage! These all look fabulous!

  4. I share your love of doodling & reusing/repurposing. I think the bag tree added really lovely texture to your page. Beautiful pages. Thanks for sharing.

    Kat :-)


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