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Friday, January 27, 2012

Art Journal-4

 My Art Journal Page from the 19th  to the 24th.

When I wanted to do a new page,  I didn't have any idea in my mind  except that I'd to use the color, turquoise. I loved this color when I had added it on the previous page. I pasted the book pages and used water color on them (washed it with the lovely shade of turquoise). The rest of the layers gradually evolved just as these pretty flowers that remind me of the coming Spring. I cut pattern paper in the shape of flowers and glued chipboard flowers on top of it. Below a fence kind of shape was stamped using acrylic and corrugated cardboard .




  1. I LOVE this!! Visiting thru a link from Julie. Looking for your "black" page.

  2. Love the vibrant colors on these pages!


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