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Monday, February 27, 2012

Watercolor Pencil Workshop

My Watercolor Pencil Sketch

Last week I joined for the Watercolor Pencil Workshop taught by the very talented Dion Dior of .  The online class is conducted by Joggles. If you go here- you can find a number of classes that they're offering this year.

I'm enjoying this online class immensely and it's there for four weeks. Ever since I can remember I've loved art and craft but even after all these years I still lack confidence in drawing.  Even if I attempt I never think that it is good enough to show anyone.
Dion is a great teacher who through this class is skillfully revealing the beauty of using watercolor pencils. More than that she encourages, inspires and takes time to look at each student's work and has always something kind and encouraging to say. This has really helped me in gaining my confidence to draw and enjoy the process. I can always practice and improve but right now, I'm happy with the 'process' of trying to sketch and color.
Thank you Barbara for offering such great classes through
Looking forward for the upcoming lessons...



  1. WOW how pretty these are, you have a talent I think for drawing. I'm so glad your enjoying the class and feeling more confident in your art. I've always enjoyed seeing your art so I'm so glad you do share it. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you for the kind comments on my blog, my daughter is loving her braces and keeps smiling now. I need to get more pics of her though.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Thank you Dawn for your encouraging words.


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