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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Today also I'm doing 'green' with Dawn of For this theme,
I'm posting here some of my drawings that I did this month.

This month I'm doing two online classes:  Dion Dior's Watercolor Pencil Workshop through Joggles and Christy Tomlinson's and Junelle Jacobson's combined class- The Art of Wild Abandonment. Both the classes are amazing.

I've always wanted to learn watercolor and wow! I never thought I would be learning it through watercolor pencils. I love the experience and am seriously pursuing it.
Dion is one of the most committed instructors I've come across. She has given so many valuable tips, information and projects in this class. When I heard that there were no video demos for this workshop, I was a bit hesitant to take it. But I knew Dion (she is a very talented, helpful and down to earth person), regularly follow her blog, and  is very much inspired by her work. My instinct was then to go ahead with this class and I'm so very happy that I took it. Thank you so much Dion for giving us more, much more than what I expected. This class is totally worth the price. If anyone wants to learn watercolor pencils I highly recommend it. Officially the 4 week session is getting over by this Thursday but I think Joggles is opening the workshop again in a couple of months. For details you can go here-

Due to lack of time and other constraints I was not planning to take any more classes for some time. But Junelle's ( sketches drove me into taking this wonderful class. She teaches us to think, inspires us to let our imagination run wild here. Her videos are fun to watch, she keeps on encouraging us to sketch and paint. If you love to sketch the simple, everyday elements in your life, don't miss this  class.  There is both sketching and art journaling in here. As a bonus we get to see Christy Tomlinson's  creative videos too.

Here are some of my paintings (still I've tons and tons of lessons to watch) that I learned from these two amazing classes.


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  1. WOW Susan, these are awesome!! I think you have a talent in sketching and painting. How wonderful to have such a great and helpful teacher, that's what really makes a class worth it. All the color and shading you did came out wonderful, they look real.

    I want to pick a favorite but it's to hard, will just have to love them all.

    Cant' wait to see what else you learn in your classes, keep sharing!!

    1. Thank you so much Dawn.I enjoy sketching and painting so much now-:)

  2. Oh Susan, thank you so much for your beautiful kind words. I am so happy that you have enjoyed my class and even more thrilled to see your results. You are a very talented artist and your work is filled with beauty. Thank you so much for sharing. Hugs to you. xx

    1. Thank you Dion for your kind words.You made it all look simple with your clear and brief descriptions. I never thought I could do atleast this much and Thank You for that.


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