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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Learning a new art

Last week, I've been making these: Yes, I mean these, my very first handmade books, Yayyy!

I've been wanting to do this for so many months and signed up for this awesome bookbinding cum journaling class called the Full Tilt Boogie with the very talented Mary Ann Moss of

As I made this one for my own use I made some modifications in making the cover page. But I'm soo happy with the result. The two small books were made as practice books, one for me and one for my son-:). I then made the big one using watercolor paper and sketching paper. It has six signatures in total. It lacks perfection in many ways but of course you cannot expect perfection in handmade goods-:) I'm sure I'll improve as I create more and I plan to make many more of these. The covers are also my own watercolor experiments. The little blue and red colored cover is my son's art work and it's his sketchbook.

I've already started using my Big book. One of my finished pages and some yet to finish ones.

As for the Full Tilt Boogie class I've to cover so much more. This is only one of the methods and I'm yet to explore the rest.
If you're looking for a bookbinding class, I highly recommend Mary Ann's class. I've not gone through the entire lessons, there are tons and tons of videos for each week (it is a 4 week class)  but I've really liked the first week's videos; she explains the steps in a very simple and clear way and the best thing is that you can do the lessons at your own pace. Once you sign up, you can access it 24/7.

I enjoyed making my book so much and love it even with all its flaws.
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  1. So cool! Lover your beautiful flowers inside the book too :0)

  2. How fun these are, love love them!! Especially that you made one for your son with his artwork!! What a great idea this is, and will help me do something for my little cousin. Wait till you read my post I just did, you will love it.

    So happy and proud of you taking this step and making your own journals, i soooo want to do this and haven't yet. They came out great Susan, really love seeing your artwork on the covers.

    The pages inside are beatufiul and perfect for this book, love the way you make flowers. I am sure your going to have fun filling them up. Hope you will post what you son does in his book.

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring me again Susan, really love these!


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