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Friday, May 4, 2012

The Art Within Us Never Dies...

Don't you think that each page we create has a story behind it? I did the background of this page way back in 2010 just to give company to my son. It was a time when I didn't know anything about Art Journaling. But we had so much fun playing with rubber bands and Q-tips.

I glued this page to my Art Journal and  experimented more. I created this texture with Modeling Paste and hated it.

So I added more color to it and now it's much better.

I stitched together the scrap paper and glued it on the main page.  

This was the only time I painted in 2010. But from last August I'm very much into art again. That inspired me to come up with this quote:
"The Art within Us Never Dies. It May Lie Dormant for a While, but It Never Fades Away."

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  1. Susan, this is such a good story love it. How cool that this was with your son and using basic household items. So glad that you brought art back into your life, I can see so many talents expressed in each thing you make. Great title and love that you added the coloring to the molding paste.

  2. I find this to be so inspirational that you shared such a wonderful, rich moment with your boy. The pages are so beautiful and colorful, i could the happiness and joy in them. I loved the semi-circle you created. The texture is amazing.

  3. Your post brings back such good memories for me of arting with my kids! Now that they are getting older they are still just as much to art with. I too have backgrounds that I let sit for eons until I feel inspired to move them forward.


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