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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Do you try to stick on to one kind of art? I am just not able to pursue a single one. It varies according to my changing moods. Last week I was totally into making books and I made these three.

This one is made of recycled cardboard and sketchpaper. It has three signatures with a total of thirty pages.

This one also has three signatures made with white and black cardstock.


This book has pattern paper and sketch paper. All the covers' spines have been done using strong thick tape. 

I need more practice with sewing and making the covers. I am planning to do more of these in the coming weeks. I am also making some books using binding rings. Once I complete them I will post them here-:)

During the weekend I got busy with something else. I tried out some handmade stamps. Will showcase them here soon.

Thank you so much for all your encouraging comments. It means a lot to me.


  1. I love all of them. Susan, I know what you mean about not being able to settle about one type of art. I am interested in so many different things, it's insane.

  2. Great job on 3 jouranls, can't pick a favorite LOVE them ALL!!! That's what I love about your art and blog Susan, always showing us something new and keeping it exciting. Every week I'm blown away by what you've done, so many talents you have my friend. Can't wait to see what stamps you made and what you did with them, bet they will be awesome!!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice words. I haven't painted in so long but scrapping is keeping me happy for now. Hoping to get my paints out very soon though!! Enjoy your weekend!


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