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Friday, May 11, 2012

Let Our Art be Free

Butterflies are one of my favorite subjects.They remind me of bright colors, change, freedom and of course the transitory nature of life.  When I pursue art I remind myself to be free of expectations and not to struggle for perfection; instead to enjoy and savor the entire process.

The layers on this page have been done on the second background page that I did two years ago. I did the butterflies using modeling paste, watercolor and glitter. More experiments on handwriting.

Thank you for visiting and have a great weekend


  1. Such wonderful texture and colors! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ariel, these pages are so vibrant and colorful. I can see the freedom, the playfulness in them. The butterflies have a special meaning to me, my mom is crazy about butterflies ;)

  3. Love seeing the layers, the butterflies came out great. Love the pops of white on both pages, the title is perfect and so true. So cool that your using art from the past and adding more to them, I like that idea. Love seeing your art every Friday!!

    Have a great Mother's Day weekend, hope you get spoiled and lots of hugs!!

  4. great blog, Ariel, and delicious artwork in here! found you via Julie Balzers, I saw your wonderful journal pages on there, and had to come and get a closer look. rich and textured and beautiful!

    i'll be back

  5. Wonderful layering, color and texture! Love the pops of white!


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