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Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Colors

Splash into COLORS this Summer.
 Colors make me HAPPY.

    They INSPIRE me to CREATE more.

Colors make me SMILE.

How do you feel about Colors? What is your favorite Color for this season?

Have a lovely weekend everyone


  1. WOW Susan, you have been busy this week. LOOOOVE this and all the COLOR you used. How fun to spell out the words this way and all the cute doodles you added everywhere. I love coming by here and seeing what new art you've made and it always makes me happy and smile!! Would have been great to see you do this page, break down the steps you know. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me!!

    My fave colors right now are yellow/black/gray/white but some new colors are popping up today and I really want to work on red/white/blue for now though. Hoping to make my own art and decorations for our house before July 4th comes.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Wowsy Susan,this is so beautiful. I love colors. I love bold, bright colors. My favorite color this season has been shades of coral, orange, terracotta, and yellow. Don't know why. I was obsessed with purple last year, but for the past months, I have this fascination with these earthy shades.

  3. Lots of color makes me very happy too-just like your really FAB pages!! Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Thank you Dawn. I saw the yellow-black-gray combination that you did. I love it too.

    Thank you Ana. Love your current favorites in colors. Terracotta reminds me of houses in my homeland.

    Thank you Linda.Colors cheer me up a lot.


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