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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Flowers in Watercolor

Once again I turned to doing watercolors. Since last week I've been spending some time with my watercolor pencils and paints. If I could find time I would have loved to pursue watercolor medium more. But for now I have to be content with these little paintings that I do.

 Black-eyed Susan : the member of the Daisy family.

Blanket flower

I am still in the world of watercolors. More updates on them soon.


  1. Susan, they are beautiful. I love watercolor. It is by far my favorite medium. I forgot to tell you that in one of the classes I took, another student suggested these pearlescent watercolors instead of twinks (due to its expensive price tag). I have not tried them, but the reviews seem promising.

    You can find them via amazon:

    1. Thank you so much Ana for the encouraging words. I do have the pearlescent colors but wanted to try the Twinks.I got 6 shade in petite jars.Just to see the difference, I did a small painting with Twinks and one with Pearlescent. Will soon post them here.

  2. How wonderful and pretty these are Susan, love love your watercolor flowers. So glad to see you enjoying yourself and finding time for art. These flowers have been on my mind this week and wanted to paint so it's such a nice surprise to see them here. Great job on all the details and color, love them!!

    Enjoy your week and hope all is good with you!!

    1. Thank you Dawn. Aren't these flowers somuchapart of this season?Hope you have a great week too/


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