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Friday, August 31, 2012

The Journey

This is the front cover of my first Art Journal. It's a Canson Mixed Media Book that I bought for my first ever online class 30 Days in Your Journal by Julie Balzer. This book has art journalling pages from last November till the beginning of this month. [Now I've started creating in my second Art Journal:)]

I'd ignored the front cover for a very long time and this week I finally decided to complete it. I've tried to incorporate most of the techniqes that I've learned in my artistic journey on this cover page. Acrylic and watercolor paints, inks, collage elements, stamping, gesso, modpodge, glitter( which you cannot see on the pictures), and lettering. 

I've enjoyed Art Journalling so much that I am still continuing this wonderful journey with all of you. I hope to learn more and fill my new journal with even more bright colors.

Wishing you all a great weekend. (Tomorrow is the dawn of a new month and I hope that we don't hear any more shooting incidents. It is so sad to see that atleast one is happening around every week.)



  1. Hi Susan I love your creative and textured cover! Well done!! Though I've been art journaling some years most of the covers of the completed ones are embarassingly bare because of my "past" fears of ruining them. You have me thinking I should pull some of them out and finish them. Thank you for your inspiration.

  2. Happy Friday!! How wonderful this cover is, love love all the texture and styles you added to it. GREAT JOB!! WOW, a whole year in this album, way to go filling it up with soooooo many amazing and successful pages. I've enjoyed watching you on this journey and look forward to more. I'm inspired by you and your art, you always play and have fun and it shows!!!
    I'm hoping for no bad news/shootings either. Avoiding the news and paper even more just so I don't hear about it. Just too sad.
    Take care my creative friend and hugs those sweet kids tight. Enjoy the long weekend and hopefully cool temps. I just posted my art pages, YIPPEE!!

  3. I really like the fall leaves. This is a moment of change... and your page shows that.


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