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Friday, September 21, 2012


This week I once again tried my hands on doing a canvas.
  The picture on the collage is one that I took as part of Alisa Burke's online class 'Ode to Nature'.

This photo on painting is a totally new concept for me and I'm quite pleased with it. The background is rich in texture and I stencilled  the word 'BELIEVE'  on it.
Believe that you can do what your heart desires. You don't have to be an artist to do art, just believe in yourself and your dreams.
* Dream about the things you want to do
* Believe that you can do it
and the third step is the most important one
* Act- Act now

Have a wonderful weekend everyone



  1. Oh Susan, you are amazing!! This is soooo gorgeous and STUNNING!! These words are so needed right now and BELIEVE is my OLW this year. How awesome that your creating on canvas again, WAY TO GO!!

    This background is rich and textured, perfect color for this picture, whichis also pretty!!

    Every week you amaze me and make me SMILE!! So happy for you and that you share your wonderful art with us.

  2. Lovely textures and colours, and how interesting is the addition of the photo! I like your third part: the first two lose their transforming power if we don't do the third!

  3. Susan I love the use of molding paste and colors on the canvas, it does give a very unique look with amazing texture.


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