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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Project Life- August

It has been a while since I've posted my Project Life pictures. Only last weekend I took the prints of pictures from  mid August to the first week of September. Even now the writing part of the last two weeks are pending.One more thing, I at last bought my PL album. Now all the pages are safely clipped inside it.
Here are some of the pages from August.
 The first week of August , we again visited the Emergency as my little one had high fever and ear infection. Thankfully he recovered within a couple of days.
On top, on the left, it's one of the pictures from my Art Journal.On the right you can see the kids waiting for their Dad to arrive from work(Yes, some days we wait like that for him). Below are the snaps of the flowers that I clicked during my morning walk.[Sadly, no more early morning walks now as the days are getting chillier:(]
The top pictures show the kids enjoying their time at the library. The bottom pictures show them sitting on their wagon. We'd gone to a nearby park.
 On the third weekend of August we made a casual trip to the City. The top two pictures show that. My little one hates to sit in his stroller:) Below the children are having fun finger painting and also with play dough.
On the right is Ashish practicing his writing and reading skills. I was homeschooling him till this month. Now he has entered KG and is going to a regular school. Below is a picture of the kids having ice cream and making a big mess on their face. My elder one is actually posing for the camera all serious and tightly holding onto his cone. Well, I know it's not a great picture but PL for me is a mix of everything; the beautiful and the ugly, the neat and the messy, the happy and the sad. 

 This page is all about my experiments with Instagram. After many attempts I was at last able to learn how it works. Hmmm! I still don't have a smart phone I took all these from my hubby's phone. Anyways, I  too have fallen for Instagram and try to click from the phone every now and then. Dawn, inspired by your sky snaps I too took the above one. I feel it's very beautiful. Nature offers so much to us, we just need to keep our eyes open!

Hope you enjoyed going through these. I still have to complete the writing part of August last week and Sept photos.



  1. Hi Susan,
    I'm soooo happy to see your project life pages!! WOW WOW WOW these are awesome and filled with sweet memories. I love the photos of them waiting for dad, the ice cream, the words you said about including even the good and ugly and messes in PL, that is soooo true. Lovely art of yours, the stickers and words stickers are the perfect touch. Also LOVE LOVE That you got some nature pictures in there THE SKY AND FLOWERS, so great to see them, thanks for sharing those and being inspired by my sky photos.
    How fun that you did some instagram photos, I do have IG but don't develop those ones, need to figure out how.
    Great job on keeping up and still loving this project!!

  2. Susan I just love this project. It seems like such an undertaking


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