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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Snippets from our vacation

Hi there
I wanted to show you all a little bit of my hometown. Sadly, I never got around to take many pictures. I missed so may things. Travelling with a little one can be very tiring especially when it was his first visit and hence he never wanted to leave my side:(
By the time he got adjusted to all the people around him it was time for us to come back:(   

I live in Kerala which is in the southern tip of India. This little state is well known for its lush greenery.Can you believe that this view is part of the city and if you go into the villages you can experience nature's beauty at its best.

My son was so excited to see how bananas grew on banana trees. These plants are so common in all the houses there and we found this one at our neighbour's place.
The St. Joseph's Cathedral is one among the many churches in the city. In fact there is a mosque, a temple and this church that are all situated close to each other.


 In the little space that she has,my mother-in-law has managed to create a beautiful garden. She also has a wonderful vegetable garden at the back of the house.

This is my son with my brother. Two-wheelers are so common in India and wherever we went,  my son managed to get as many rides as possible. By the way on the first week of our arrival itself we'd to travel to two other states in the south.Yes,it was pretty hectic.    

This proud rooster resides in my aunt's place (my Mom's sister). He was quite friendly and while we visited them the kids enjoyed having him around. And they also got to play with some ducks, a pug,a cat, and some more pets in other houses that we visited. Now they are pestering us to get one here:)

 The above two pictures were done by me a long time ago. The first one is a glass painting and she is hanging on my parents' dining room wall. The second lady was done using just two shades, silver and black. I will be posting here more of such paintings in the coming weeks:)Yes!!! I've started painting these lovely ladies again.

Hope you enjoyed the little snippets of our vacation here. I missed taking tons of pictures. My close friend had given us a grand dinner[missed taking her and her family's picture:(], we went to two other states, travelled by train, autos, bikes but sadly it was so hectic and with my second son clinging on to either of us all the time, taking pictures was the the last thing in my mind. And of course, now I regret it. Hmmm,maybe next time... 

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