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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Project Life-Jan2013

These are my PL photos  for the month of Jan and Feb.
Jan was a difficult month for me as my camera broke and had to take photos with my husband's phone, depending on its availability.
This year also I'm continuing PL in the same album . So I made this page as a divider between the two years. I used rub-ons to indicate most of the things that I have set as a priority for this year.

 On the other side I included a family picture of ours.
 There is not much that has been recorded for the first week of January. School and swimming started for Ashish, and I also included a print of my art here.
 On January 16th it was my elder son's birthday. I baked a cake for him [chocolate is his favorite]. He was excited to play with his new car. This little one was so lucky, even though we didn't organise a party for him  he still managed to get several presents from many of our friends who were so thoughtful to have remembered his birthday.

The children playing with the new tablet.  Ashish had his 3rd Karate test in the last month of Jan. He is now a yellow belt. The last pictures are the tags and postcard that I made for the swaps. Ashish too made a bookmark and i have placed it in front of the tags.
That is all for January.
Will try to post Feb pictures as soon as possible.
Thank you for visiting


  1. I love your divider, it is beautiful and elegant and I love what you've chosen to focus on. Happy birthday to your little one!

  2. Hi Susan,
    I'm sooooo HAPPY to see your PL pages!! What a pretty and amazing divider you made for the years, LOVE THIS! Great idea to put your words to focus on and LOVE the family photo. I need to do one of those, it's something that gets pushed back and forgotten about. Good for you getting it in there. I love seeing your art thru the pages too, keep doing that please!! How sweet these memories will be to look back on.

    So glad your doing PL again for the year!! Can't wait to see February's pages!
    Have a great week and sorry your sick again. We have sore throats/coughs at our house. I just woke up with it today after the kids have it all week. Also got snow yesterday for the 1st day of spring. HUGS!!

  3. Lovely art work. I enjoyed seeing the photos of your family.

  4. Thank you all for going through my PL album


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