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Thursday, June 27, 2013

The art of being happy...

"The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things." (H.W.Beecher)

Purple and lime green are the colors for the third week SOC challenge. I did a background using two shades of purple acrylics. I then did a  collage over the background. Love this tiny stone house. Wish I'd one like this where I could sit and do art, listen to music and just relax:)

I glued the house and the wild roses on the left and some irises on the other side. With lime green I stenciled all over the top part . Finally I outlined them and the flowers with white and added a felt butterfly to the page.

The quote done on masking tape is by H.W.Beecher.

Taking a short holiday with family as my son started his vacation on Wednesday. Wish you all a wonderful summer.


  1. Susan, I LOOOOVE THIS SO MUCH!! Couldn't wait to see what you made and you posted a day earlier then said. YIPPEE!!

    This is like a fairy tale and I want a stone house to play in too. WOW, this is just gorgeous and yummy texture. I can just imagine little fairies in there playing and skipping along the flowers too.
    The quote is a good one, you always have the best ones for your pages.
    I just posted my SOC too, yea we were together this week!!
    Thanks so much for the support in my watercolor flowers, I did include them.
    Have a great vacation and safe travels. Chat with you when back home! HUGS!

  2. What a magical place you've created! Looks beautiful, with so many everyday wonders to extract happiness from :)

  3. WOWWW!! Can I live here in your magical garden?? :). So wonderful to see all the details, wonderful textured background!

  4. Love your COS journal spread today!.. Are the irises from a stencil? I really love how they look on the page!! ~tina

  5. Love this, it's really beautiful!
    Have a wonderful holiday, Susan.



  6. Such a magical and gorgeous work of art! I love these pages so much! I really like how you used this week's colors!

  7. Have a fabulous Summer vacation. This is a great spread and beautiful use of the colours. :)


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