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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Travel Dreams

 My travel dreams. Though it is going to be a long wait I still dream of travelling to places unknown to me.

Linking this to Glue it Tuesday

The Summer of Color hosted by Kristin has already started in full swing. If you want to know more about it go here I'm participating for the first time and I have already loved the many ideas that Kristin has come up with.
Thank you


  1. I love your travel dreams...I want some too! : )

  2. It is always good to have dreams to go to when a day gets rough. Keep em coming!

  3. Lovely pages. And preliminary bon voyage wishes, just to anchor those dreams into reality. ;-)

  4. I love this Susan, the colors and images are beautiful!! I hope your travel dreams come true. The only place besides Disney I want to visit is Hawaii, maybe one day it will happen.
    YEA, for Summer Of Color, I'm getting a post ready about it too!

  5. what a good idea, to make travel journal pages without actually going there. Never really thought that was possible! How silly of me! {:-Deb

  6. Beautiful work, Susan! I must confess, I'm not very good at dreaming of wonderful things such as traveling... But dreaming is a very GOOD thing, I think, and I'm definitely working on my positive outlook... I am a work in progress! (0; Have a great day! ~tina

  7. I too would love to visit France. Your collages are filled with a wonderful energy. I hope we are both able to go at some time...

  8. I love how you collaged images over the vibrant background!

  9. Travel dreams: awesome theme. I think I'll do the same sometime soon.

  10. Put it out there and you never know when your travel drams will come true! I just bought a smash book for the sole purpose of creating pages around the many places I long to see. This is my first time with Glue It Tues. and I'm also joining in Summer of Color for the first time so we'll be seeing lots of each other :)

  11. Me too! I love traveling but haven't been anywhere in years now. Time so spice it up. :) Love your journal page!

  12. Love your journaling style! So happy you joined us for Glue it Tuesday :)


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