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Friday, August 9, 2013

August Art

Compared to July I think August is going to be a quiet month(thankfully) for me.
 Last month I was taking my son to the summer camp,to summer reading program at the library, karate, we made a holiday trip in the beginning of the month... On top of all that, I got busy with art too, with some postcard swaps, online classes and the Circle Journal, which I had already mentioned in my previous post. Oh my! the month went so fast that I can't believe it's already August.

This week I want to share with you the art that I did on my art journal. These two lighthouses were created as part of a challenge. 

The red one is close to my heart because it is located in my hometown in India. For me, lighthouses were always an image of something sinister and haunting. But once I did these I just love them even more, now I see them as part of history, a building that may have witnessed so many interesting incidents of the past, a place that is sure to arouse one's curiosity. Guess, next time when I go home I need to make a visit to this lighthouse. My kids would also enjoy it.

I still find inspiration in Priscilla Hauser's book, Little Landscapes. This winter painting below was done from her book.

Linking my art to PPF Do click on this link, you'll be able to see beautiful art created by so many talented artists.
Thank you


  1. Love art journals, can't do them but I do love them Happy PPF.

  2. Your lighthouses journal pages are beautiful. I love the scripture on the white one. The winter painting is so gorgeous. I can just feel the cold.

  3. I am always fascinated by lighthouses. Yours are wonderful. Your winter scene is beautiful. So quiet and peaceful.

  4. Wonderful these lighthouses!! Very rich presentation!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. That red one looks to be in a beautiful place! Love the more geometrical feel of the second one too.

  6. Your paintings are just lovely - the collaged rocks in the first one just works so beautifully. Glad that you have some quiet time now.

  7. Hi Susan, so happy to see you enjoying art this week, you are on a roll dear friend. LOVE LOVE both lighthouses and why you made them. Each one is special and beautifully done.

    Susan, you know I love love that last one. Your winter paintings are my favorite, such talent you have. I need to check this book out at the library.
    I bet you could make your own Christmas cards this year. Hope you had a good weekend. I did and ready for a busy week ahead. Take care and see you soon. I just posted my mandala for tomorrow. HUGS!

  8. Your paintings are beautiful. I love light houses and how the guide a safe passage for boats and ships.

  9. I have always loved lighthouses!
    Love yours too, SusaN


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