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Friday, August 23, 2013


I did a couple of faces this week.
 "She believed she could, so she did."

This is Hope.Though she looks quite stern, she has a gentle heart.

I know there is some tiny part of me in every  face that I do. Sometimes it's the mood that I'm in or sometimes it's that whimsy and happy kind of girl that I want to be that is reflected in my art. Each picture, be it from my imagination or from a class, is usually created out of what goes through my life then or the emotion that is transpiring in me.

Every picture on my wall is related to some kind of memory that I share of my childhood, or it speaks about the kind of person I'm or the person I aspire to be. In short they are all very precious to me. I love quotes and most often I try to include one in my art. It's not just art but beautiful words also inspire me so much in moving forward in life.

Hope, believed in herself, believed that she could make the 'impossible', possible in her life. And thus with a strong conviction, she has achieved many things and knows she can continue doing more in her life.

And this is the sweet little girl with her cat. Natasha, this is from your class, Cotton Candy Girls. This is my first whimsical class and I loved it. You can check the details about this class here. This class is open now for registration.
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Wishing you all a pleasant weekend


  1. Wonderful faces! Your whimsical class sounds interesting. I was in the mood to do faces, too. Your quote is inspiring. Have a creative weekend! Kath

  2. Susan, your Hope is beautiful. Also the whimsey painting is really cool.

  3. The faces are so full of personality. So many times whimsical just means pretty - you have certainly raised the bar.

  4. Susan, these are precious and sweet and I love them!!

    The Hope girl is beautiful, love her hair and eyes and blouse. Great background and what you said about her and the quote, LOVE IT!! I feel the same way with my few faces I've made, it has a part of me in it and comes from the heart. It's your very own creation right before your eyes, it's magical. Is that too much??

    Your fun whimsy girl is so dang cute, love her hair and the pretty flower ground.
    I like the difference between these and so awesome that you can do both SO WELL!!!

    Thanks for sharing and inspiring my friend! Happy Weekend, ours will be busy but hopefully fun and perfect temps. HUGS!

  5. Susan this post gave me goosebumps. We definitely were on the same page this week. I love how you addressed the sternness in Hopes face. Many people have said my daughter is very hard to read and she is! She has excellent boundaries and I think that is not always assessed properly. I love that you named the girl Hope...excellent post and artwork...inspiring!!

    Hugs Giggles

  6. Beautiful work, I especially like Hope - I need to believe in myself, too! Valerie

  7. Beautiful work, really love the lettering, patterns and design! And the colors! <3

  8. Your hope-piece is beautiful and I love the message behind it ....

  9. what beautiful paintings! I love your Hope -the colors and composition is super. I too love using quotes often in my art. And your whimsical girl and cat is fantastic!!! I've been considering taking Natasha's class but I'm not able to right now.Looks like a great class.

  10. I love words and quotes, too and I love your beautiful artwork, Susan. The words that you wrote about hope are very inspiring. Thanks! XO, janice

  11. Hope is beautiful and Natasha is very cute!
    Nicely done, SusaN

  12. I love your piece, hope. She also has a very focused and determined look. The kitty is adorable too.


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