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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Tea Please

Wow! It's already September. Next week school starts for my eldest son. He's going to Grade-1 and is very excited about it. As for me, I feel both happy and sad about all this growing up business. Happy and Thankful to see them hearty and healthy and learning new things everyday. Sad to see them gradually moving away, getting that space of their own, and of course evolving 'a certain' kind of attitude, that tone of 'I know everything' kind of stuff. Hmmm! well that's life and we just have to accept and adjust to all these changes I guess.

 Another reason for my excitement is that from next week onwards my little son is starting toddler school. We are putting him for just two days a week for a couple of hours.I know he's ready, but still feels a little scared about how he's going to manage, whether he'll behave and so on.

 July and September had been so busy. I wanted to share here what I did with the kids and their friends. We made lots of art, did some writing and read a lot. My older son went for half day camp in July and he also enjoyed the various programs that our library offered. One best thing was that he read tons of book this holiday and I was/am extremely happy about it.

 Here are some of the things that we did during the vacation:

 We made a book out of craft paper. We stamped, stenciled, splashed paint, collages and thus enjoyed different techniques. Once the backgrounds were done, we did various crafts such as different seasons, fruits, the Life cycle of a Butterfly  and so on.I googled and got the ideas for most of the crafts.

My son is a big fan of Angry birds. He is an expert in drawing all those cute birds. On the top right you can see  the story book that he himself made. He created a story out of his imagination, titled it as the Dead Star  and illustrated each page. It took him many days to complete the book and we were so proud to see his creation.
Well, these are some of the things that we did in the last two months.
I''m linking my post to Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday It was through my friend, Dawn that I came to know about this challenge and since then I've been waiting to join this wonderful group and share a little bit of me and my life. Hopefully next week I'll try to make it on Tuesday itself.
Also linking this to Glue it Tuesday. You can check this link to see some fabulous washi tapes that Aimee of artsyville has designed
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  1. Hi Susan, I'm so THRILLED to see this post! Look at you with all this wonderful art, tea cup and stories!! LOVE THIS!! Sounds like you had a good summer and having a little free time with boys in school will be nice for you too.
    How fun that you get to make art with your boys and their friends.
    So glad you joined up for T time this week, thanks so much for joining in. I love visiting these ladies, so funny and do creative projects.
    Enjoy your night!!
    p.s. I did mention loving your CUP right!!!

  2. I can't even imagine being a parent seeing your child growing up like that. It must be a wonder :)

  3. Welcome to T. I'm really glad Dawn convinced you to join us. I'm sorry I haven't been here sooner, but you taught me a valuable lesson, since I'm rather new to this. Now I know I must check each day to see if others have joined the T excursion. For that I thank you and appreciate you. I hope I didn't put you off to visiting again.

    As I mentioned before, welcome. I'm a BIG fan of that book you and your children made over your summer. How clever that you made the life cycle of a butterfly. A nature lesson along with an art lesson.

    Those angry birds are incredible. And it appears it kept your son occupied, too. None of this "I'm bored" coming from him, obviously.

    Again, thanks for sharing T this week. I really LOVE that page with the tea cup and heart tag. It's awesome.


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