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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Face 27, 28 and 29.

Wow! At last I'm here typing and trying to post for Elizabeth's T for Tuesday. Thankfully I got some time to spare, to share my last three faces of the 29 Faces challenge and a couple of other things.

These are the last faces that I had completed.
 I had done something similar to her before in my journal. I did this angel for someone else.
 I did mention that this year I was focusing on doing faces. So I'd taken Christy Tomlinson's She Art-3 class. This pretty lady is from that class.I should try to do her facial features too.
This was purely an experiment. This is a collage piece made with layers of  paint and paper. I got the idea from Susan Pickering Rothamel's book The Art of Paper Collage. She  has so many interesting art projects and I hope to try more from her book.

And there you are! Yayyyy! I finished my 29 Faces. Hope to do this again. This challenge has really stretched my imagination and has also taken that fear of doing faces away. Do check in here to see more faces from this challenge.

And yes, of course I also want to share this week's watercolor painting that I did.
  I'm so happy about this painting. This picture is from a photo that I took last year of a very old building. I have always dreamt of sketching or painting it but never believed in myself. At last, yesterday when I did this in my class I was  over the moon.

Courage is the word that I chose for myself this year and I think I showed the courage to try something that I never thought that I could do. And here I'm happy about this and wanting to try more things in art.

That sweet little tea cup is part of a gift set that we received for our wedding hmm, when was that! it is soon going to be a decade-:)

Hope everybody is having a great week. The weather is great and I hope it stays this way for some more time.



  1. Today before I could stop by, my computer hung up. When I got back online, I couldn’t get any page to load, not even my blog. So, I shut down, and made a late lunch. Then my kitchen sink plugged up. Still working on it, but needed to resume visiting my T friends. Sorry I'm late getting here.

    You can be very proud of your faces and yet another achievement you can add to your list.Quite an accomplishment, I would say.

    Loved the barn, too. You are so good at painting, and this old barn is simply adorable. Thanks so much for sharing T today.

  2. Wonderful, I love your angel. She is so sweet and the flowers in front of her are beautiful! The lady with roses on her head is wonderful too. Your paintings are lovely...

  3. Susan, these are all sooooo BEAUTIFUL. I'M SO PROUD AND HAPPY FOR YOU...WISH I HAD STUCK WITH MY FACES. YOU DID SO MUCH WORK AND DETAILS TO YOURS, JUST LOVE THEM!! the one without a face looks good like that, she's beautiful. the angel reminds me of you, so pretty and those colors, way to go!! OMG that last one is so incredible, LOVE IT!! I hope you do this challenge again, love seeing your faces.
    That barn is awesome, you know I love barns, you did so great on it!! Good for you being courageous and going out of your comfort zone, so proud of you!! Hope you keep this out where you can see it all the time. Great about your class, sadly every Tuesday something comes up so not sure when I will get back there, wishing it was a daytime thing instead, would be much easier.
    Thanks for your visit today, my poor thumb is throbbing so I'm off to ice it again and early bed since babysitting day is tomorrow. Can't believe I shut my thumb in the van door, so dumb of me. Glad you enjoyed my fall art and even calenders were fun too. Now I will have to wait till my thumb feels better to paint again. You inspired me to sketch with my left hand today though and will share it soon.

    The weather is great here too, I sat in the sun a long time and just relaxed and kept my thumb in ice water, haha.
    Take care dear friend, seriously love everything here today! HUGS!

  4. Hello! Thanks so much for visiting my blog yesterday. Sorry that I only managed to get back to you today; yesterday evening got really busy. So, I'm here on a Wednesday to wish you Happy T Day. :)

    Congratulations are in order, first for finishing your 29 faces and second for completing your barn painting. Great accomplishments!!! Keep up the great work, and enjoy the rest of the week.

  5. What beautiful work Ariel! congrats on doing all those faces, and the painting from your watercolor class! I really respond to the collage with the painted papers...lovely!

  6. Susan, your angel is beautiful.
    Always a treat to see your art.

  7. Happy T day on Thursday...
    Your faces are each wonderful, such a nice variety and style!
    Time has a way of marching on, doesn't it

  8. Wonderful artwork! Love the faceless one. :)


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