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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Gratitude Day7 and 8

Fall is almost coming to an end.I took this picture last weekend. Love the different shades that this season gifts us with. 
  I did one more pumpkin painting with Twinkling H2o's. It is difficult to see the shimmer in the picture but in real this page looks so pretty especially the background. I painted the pumpkin with neo-colors and then used the twinkling h2o over it.

These are my Gratitude pages of Day 6 and 7.
Day-6 is all about shelter. I've reiterated on how Thankful I'm for this little nest that He has provided us with.
I also added a verse: "By wisdom a house is built and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches." Proverb 24: 3-4
Thursday I'd a quiet day and was Thankful for it and did a page on that. I used my new Jenni Bowlin stencil on that page. My Thankful leaves were also cut using the same stencil.
Day-8 Thankful for His Grace.
"My Grace is sufficient for you..." 2 Corinthians 12 : 9
One week has been completed and I wanted to wind up with this verse.

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  1. The gratitude pages are so pretty, I wish I could see the shimmer!

  2. Hello Susan,
    So glad you finally could post, I LOVE these so much! These pages make me smile and feel proud of all your doing with your art and raising your family!! GOOD FOR YOU!!
    That pumpkin is so pretty and just right! I can see the shimmer because I clicked on it to see bigger and it shows up for sure. Love it!
    Susan, that first picture is STUNNING!! WOW!! Love all those fall colors and trees, lucky you to see that where you live. Keep sharing those nature pictures please.

    The houses are so cute and the quote is perfect, haven't read that one before but love it. The background on that side and the other side is sooooo awesome and fun and colorful. YAY!!

    I love the leaves you cut out and all the family gratitudes written on them. I like that they are in your gratitude book. If you want leave just a few out on the wall/door/fridge for you to see each day like mine. But I really do like what your doing with yours.
    The last page is very sweet and his grace is what's on my mind this weekend too. Thought about doing a page about it.
    Hope your weekend is full of more creative fun!
    I got my postcards done, should have taken a picture but will try to tomorrow, had fun doing them.
    Take care and hugs!

  3. It's really hard to get H2Os to sparkle when you take a photo of them. I love using them, though, and you did a FANTASTIC job with them. That pumpkin is gorgeous and OVER the top in beauty. That's also a fantastic photo from the weekend. Your leaves are changing nicely, too.

  4. Wonderful pages Susan! Always difficult to have sparkling h2O's show up the way they are in person! Looks so pretty though!!

    Hugs Giggles


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