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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

T stands for Tuesday

Hello to Elizabeth and all of you who are visiting my little space here. Thanks to Elizabeth, nowadays I take time to pause and enjoy the different Holiday mugs that are displayed in the shops. Isn't this penguin mug so adorable? 

We put up our tree this Sunday and there, my two little ones making a pose in front of it. The lighting was so bad that I changed my photo to black and white and now like it much better.

 This ginger bread house done in my journal is again part of the Fall class that I took in October.

I created this snowman as part of a journal project. Will post the whole page once it is completed. Hopefully I will try to take the photo in better light.
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  1. Very fun and festive here...
    Your black n white tree photo is really special and sweet!
    Hope you had a lovely T Day

  2. Your snowman really put a smile on my face this morning as did the cute photo of your children in front on your tree! Happy belated T Day!

  3. Adorable mugs, but the little ones in front of the tree stole the show!
    Journal pages are GREAT, love the snowman.

  4. Hello Susan, so happy you linked up and shared more of your beautiful art. OH that gingerbread house is so cute, love it!! Look at your cute boys and pretty tree, LOOOOVE IT!! Showing it in b/w is extra pretty and makes the light really show up from the tree! Another cute snowman you have done, I can never have enough of them either, they are so dang cute!! I even have the Frosty song on my phone, it warms me each time I hear it.
    Thanks for sharing with us today, cute mug too, my Summer would want that one. Have a wonderful week and stay warm! HUGS!

  5. I'm having terrible, terrible internet problems, Susan. I am very late getting here, and apologize. I've called my provider three times already this week and still can't seem to stay connected, no matter what they try.

    I am in LOVE with that snowman. It is so adorable. Wish I could draw like you. And your tree looks awesome. The black and white photo really sets it off nicely.

    Thanks for joining T and again, I apologize for not getting here sooner.

  6. Such adorable children, Susan.

    Love all your art.

    Wishing you a blessed time of this holiday season.
    See you next year.
    I will be back in Jan.

    Oh, love the mug.


  7. The mug would make me smile with my morning coffee. It is a delight to see your children in front of the tree. I know it is a cliche but I do really think children are important for the magic of Christmas. Look forward to seeing more of your art journal.


  8. What a cute mug!! And the family looks pretty cute, too. ;)
    Happy belated T-Day. :)


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