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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

T stands for Creative Tuesday

Good morning Elizabeth and everyone at T stands for Tuesday. Now snow has given way to rain here. I'm so happy to see the little buds and flowers coming out and even at 5:00 in the morning I can here the chirping of the birds here.  

Today morning with my daily cup of tea I was busy with my journal. Isn't Spring a great inspiration? I'm so happy with the colors on my page. You can click on the picture to see better. On the right I've used deli paper to embellish my page. Love, love to work on them. 
A mixed- media page that I did. It is rich in texture and colors. One thing that is missing is a quote. I love to add meaningful quotes to my art.Still I wanted to share this with you maybe later I'll be adding a word or two to this page.
Yet another doodle and I can even use this pattern paper as a gift wrap or as a background for another painting. I will be doing more of this kind in the future.
Life is so busy here. We are going on a trip and I'm busy packing and getting things ready for it. But I'm still planning to keep my blog updated. I will also try my best to visit you all and see what all you have shared from your side.
Thank you for always supporting me with your kind words.


  1. oh my, truly happy Spring colors! love your pages...and the black & white design is beautiful too! happy T day!

  2. Like the bright pages but the black and white pace fascinates me. How did you get the background black? Did you start with black paper and use white ink - or color in all the background in black? I'm impressed but curious.


  3. the inspiration Spring has given you is gorgeous!!! Love it all Susan. The black and white is very elegant looking. Enjoy your vacation!

  4. Hello Susan! So happy you could share these GORGEOUS AND HAPPY pages with us today! I LOVE the first one so much, it's a perfect spring page, yay!! I can hear the birds chirping all day out my window now too. The other two art pieces are wonderful too, that black and white one is my favorite and hope you will do more of them.
    Thank you for keeping your blog going while your gone, can't wait to see what you share!
    Enjoy your vacation! HUGS!!

  5. Beautiful colours and love the texture! Happy T day and have a wonderful trip :)

  6. Thank you for sharing your beautiful spring inspired creations Susan!
    I too find words/quotes inspiring and nice to include in artwork...
    Have a lovely time on your trip and
    Happy T Day

  7. Your pages are so full of vivid color--I love them. I like to use quotes when I make art cards, etc.
    I hope you have a wonderful time on your trip, and to answer your question on my is actually a blue jay. A robin would have been more Spring-like, but we have to photograph what stops by, right?

  8. "spring a great inspiration" indeed, and i love your bright colors :)

  9. LOVE the bright colors! I think after a dismal winter it has me loving bright hues even more!!

  10. Happy T-Day!
    I love those bright colors you used. And I love the black and white one too. Have a nice trip.

  11. Wow, what vivid colors you created in your journal. I adore deli paper, and I see you do, too. Those hearts really speak to me, since I'm a big fan of hearts.

    Thanks for bringing a lot of color to us this T, and I hope you have a safe and joyous trip.

  12. I LOVE YOUR JOURNAL PAGES!! What wonderful colors and interpretations of spring, just gorgeous
    Thanks for the visit this week..

  13. Susan,
    I hope you are having a nice trip, it's always nice to get away for a while.
    I love your journal pages and the doodle is wonderful.

    Take care

  14. Wow! Everything looks so springy and joyful! Love all the colors on your journal pages.
    Happy belated T-Day! :)

  15. Gorgeous pages there. Love those first ones. So bright and cheerful.
    Sorry I am late. I too have been away at a Quilting Guild AGM in Portsmouth.


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