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Monday, May 5, 2014

T stands for Tuesday

Hello to dear Elizabeth and all others at T stands for Tuesday. I'm back from my three week trip to India. It was  wonderful to be back home, to see my parents and other loved ones. The only thing was that it was a short vacation and we didn't get much time to be with our relations or friends... Both my kids fell sick too But otherwise by God's grace we had a great time.

 When we were in India we visited a Tea factory. I will do a post on that later but I wanted to share this lemon flavored green tea which was so delicious. I bought some other flavored tea too which I'll share here in the coming weeks. 

As for art, this is a handmade journal that I gifted to a dear friend in India. The cover was done using many layers of paint, stencils, stamps and tissues. Inside on each page, I added some inspiring quotes.

The above 'map' is from an online class that I'm currently taking. It is known as The Walk which is hosted by Melody Ross. This is the first map that I created which has lot of positive statements that reflect who I'm. I still have a long way to go with this class. But  I'm waiting to get into the mood of creating again.

Wishing you all a great week. I missed my blog and friends here. Hope to catch up with you all soon.


  1. Welcome home dear friend!! I missed you and your beautiful art!! These pages are lovely and the tea sounds yummy! What is the link for this class, it sounds familiar to me.

    Sorry to hear the kids were sick, hope all of you are happy and healthy and getting back to routines this week. It is cool here again, the warm doesn't seem to stay for too long. I have flowers popping up in the yard, YAY!! Thank you for the blog visit, I did scrap and will share them later. I am also loving my PL again, more on that later too.
    Can you believe it's May already, time did fly by didn't it. Can't wait to catch up with you!!
    hugs, Dawn

  2. Sorry your trip was short, but you had some good times, at the tea factory for sure. the lemon flavoured tea sounds wonderful! Happy T day!

  3. Your trip sounds wonderful, even though the little ones got sick. I'm sure in years to come, they will remember the joy of the trip, rather than getting sick.

    I love (and prefer) loose leaf tea, and this sounds and looks wonderful. Your handmade journal is a true beauty, and I am sure your friend loved and appreciated it, and all the effort you put into making it. I'm really looking forward to seeing and reading about the tea factory, too. You are such a tease (grin). Thanks for sharing your yummy tea and art today.

  4. Your journal looks very nice with all the colors and textures, I'll bet your friend appreciated it. I'm always interested in a new tea, Lemon/green tea sounds perfect for spring.


  5. The journal you made your friend looks awesome! I love to travel (have not visited India-Yet!) and my vacations are never long enough, either! Looking forward to hearing about the tea factory!

  6. thx for sharing your green lemon-flavored tea. i've never had any but will be on the look-out for it. sounds yummy :) i'm sorry your kiddies got sick on the trip :( i hope next time you have a longer stay and a healthier one.

  7. Really beautiful art work, I am sure your friend was delighted to receive such a lovely journal. Glad you returned home safely, and hope the family is feeling better after the illness. Vacations are always a joy, but it's always good to come home too! Happy T Day!

  8. So tough to be away from home when someone is sick. Love the journal!

  9. Oh how I love the font on your blog, first of all! It's so fun and cheery. And second, welcome home from your travels. India must have been amazing. I know that I"m a chai drinker and I hear that some of those Eastern countries have some of the best chai in the world. . . Looking forward to reading more about the teas your tried. Happy T-day!

  10. Love your journal and the map is very, very interesting and a lovely idea.

    Sorry to hear your young ones fell ill on your trip. So tough to be sick AND away from home.

    I'm a coffee drinker, but your tea sound so refreshing, would it be good iced on a hot day?

  11. A trip to India is a dream in my book...Lucky you!
    Hope your kids are feeling much much better ...
    never fun to be feeling poorly and especially when away from home
    It would be lovely to see some of your travel photos
    Your handmade journal for your friend is wonderful!
    Happy T Day to you

  12. Welcome back Susan!! Sorry to hear your kids got ill-but still, what an amazing opportunity for them. Your book is so beautiful-what a special gift. And your online class sounds interesting too. Looking forward to seeing some of your pictures of your vacation. Happy T day!

  13. I do like lemon teas. Can hardly wait to see pictures of a tea factory!
    Lovely little journal. The Walk project looks interesting. You will get back in the groove.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  14. Love your 'artsy' cover on the journal and the inspirational quotes :)
    Nice to visit family--time always seems short when you travel to see loved ones! Hope the kids are better and you're all happy to be home :)
    I would love to visit a tea factory!
    Happy Tuesday :)

  15. We have a tea factory in Boulder CO that I love to visit.
    How wonderful you had a trip home to visit family and friends.

    The cover of the journal is beautiful

  16. I'm so happy for you that you got to visit India and see your family there. Looks like you got some great tea there, too. Happy T Day!!!

  17. Oh Wow! How lucky are you to go to India? This is somewhere I would love to go.
    I went to a tea factory in Vietnam. Very interesting and no doubt there are similarities with the Indian factory too.
    Thanks for visiting. You brought the tea and me the honey.

  18. Well here it is Wednesday and I'm still visiting T friends. Your journal gift is beautiful and very appreciated too I'll bet. Cool idea this map of words. Have a wonderful week. Thanks for visiting me. You're welcome anytime! Hugs Nan


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