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Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Art

Happy Friday  everyone.How is Halloween celebrations going on everywhere? Somehow I am not a big fan of it. But of course, my boys love it. They are so excited to try out their costumes and go out for trick or treating-:)
Today I'm sharing my second Art Journal page which I did in my new Strathmore Mixed media Journal. I did the background with Dylusion sprays (love how bright they are). Again I have used a Fall theme, and hence the yellow-orange-red shades.I did the watercolor flowers on book page and glued them here. 
This week the weather has been terrible here. It was cold and it rained all day and night-:( I wanted to put down that too here. That is with the raindrops and thunder patterns.

The quote that I added to the page is: "Stop thinking so much. It is alright not to know the answers. They will come to you when you least expect it."
I think it is so true. Most of the quotes that I add to my pages are kind of self-reminders. I have a habit of over thinking and then worrying  over my thoughts. Later the answers evolve themselves when I least expect them-:) I then wonder why I spent so much time worrying and stressing about it.Have you ever come across such a situation? 

Yet another watercolor on my Handmade book. I used Strathmore 400 series cold press water color sheets (22in by 30in ) for making the sketchbook. 

I'm linking my art to PPFArt Journal EverydaySunday Sketches  and Art Journal Journey
Wishing you all a lovely weekend. Stay Warm


  1. Lovely artwork! Your weather sounds similar to ours, cold, wet and windy! Valerie

  2. Your Aspen trees are wonderful Susan and very inspiring page and words at the beginning of your post too!
    It is hardly ever the things we worry about that happen I find.
    Take care and happy beginning of the weekend.

  3. Lovely aspens. Nice work. Watercolor works well for this one.

  4. Loving the aspens. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. I love both pieces, but your watercolor of aspens is especially beautiful. I could almost hear the wind whispering through the yellow leaves.

  6. Both pieces are adorable Susan! So happy that you joined AJJ again! Thank you for this lovely aspens!
    Happy PPF and happy weekend!

  7. I like your watercolor page with the nice autumn forest, very well done. Your rain page looks very fresh with the nice colors, very interesting composition.
    Dear Greetings

  8. despite the rainy weather you have made a beautifully colorful page of it! And your autumn trees are just wonderful! Quotes can be very thought provoking can't they?

  9. the tree artwork is especially lovely, though i really like the colour palette in the first one as well...xx

  10. I love your aspen trees with the lovely blues and soft greens, a lovely calm forest to walk through.

  11. Gorgeous and I love your Aspen trees..they are amazing! I love the style of both of these paintings!!

    Hugs Giggles

  12. Hi Susan,
    So happy to finally visit again, my darn computer acting up yet again. So tired of it this year, frustrating. I'm at the library with short time to visit. Hope you are doing well this week and ok with weather, It was gorgeous here now it is cooler and not as nice. Can't belive it will be November already too.
    LOVE your pages here and that you are enjoying these season journal too. You should do it through December too. Your colors are always gorgeous and drawings so good. Keep it up my friend.
    Take care and enjoy Halloween and your weekend. MISS YOU!!!
    love and hugs dawn


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