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Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy Friday...

Happy Friday to all. After taking part in a 30 Day Challenge I felt the need to take a short break-:)
Here I was sketching regularly but did not feel like updating.
Anyways these are some o the sketches that I did in the last few days:

 Oak Leaves and acorns

 Another nature's find that I found near my house

 Colors of Fall

All these sketches have been done in my No Sew Handmade journal. One side of this journal is already finished and  I'm looking forward to sketch more on the other side.
Linking my post to PPF, Julie's Art Journal Everyday and Sunday Sketches
Thank you for being here.
Have a lovely weekend eveyone


  1. Gorgeous leaves Susan, but my favorite is the lime green... Love it!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. Beautiful leaf paintings. We are having an overabundance of acorns this year. I don't know what that means but the deer are having a feast every day.

  3. Beautiful nature paintings. Valerie

  4. gorgeous paintings. Happy PPF, Annette x

  5. Brilliant autumnal colours and compositions
    Happy PPF to you

  6. Perfect fall sketches. You got the colors just right.

  7. You captured the feeling of fall with beautiful colors and acorns, which I just love, so wonderfully! Thank you for the inspiration! Enjoy your weekend, kathy

  8. gorgeous sketches of the rich colors of autumn Susan!

  9. I love Fall and these paintings are just stunning. They fill my eyes to the brim.

  10. Beautiful! I love all the colors of Fall that you captured. Blessings!

  11. Beautiful, beautiful Autumn leaves. I really love how you captured these. Thank you for joining in on SS again. :)

  12. Hello Susan! WOW, these are gorgeous!! Love them so much, the colors and your painting is so good. I think fall is the best time to capture in pictures and in art, so much beauty!!
    Hope you are doing well, the computer is acting up again and makes coming on not much fun. We will get a new one at bonus time which will be much nicer.
    I'm doing good, enjoying the color changes and sketching leaves and we even had some summer weather days here. Keep enjoying the fall and sharing more with us too!!


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