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Friday, November 7, 2014

Fall Inspiration

Hello Friday and I hope my friends are all staying warm and safe. The weather is bad... cold and windy and yesterday it had been raining so bad here. But I feel so good that this week my son had school only for two days-:)
Anyways below is my finished side of the handmade Fall journal. On the other side I have two more sheets to finish. I had so much fun doing this. They are all watercolor sketches based on Autumn.  

 Somehow I am unable to rotate the page-:(

 My Art Journal page for this week: After a long gap, I took my acrylics again. This page is so rich in layers; book pages, gesso, plaster cloth... I had a tough time finishing it. Whenever I'm creating, I stop when my instinct says so, when my mind says that yes! it is done.  

  (Still couldn't keep the photos straight)
In the beginning I came up with this. I saw the image of an angel on my page but then again I didn't feel happy with it. So I played more and then again autumn played as my source of inspiration-:) I loved the trees and just stopped there.
The quote was quite fitting for all the confusion that I had while doing this page. It is always good to keep things simple right? Sometimes the simplest answer or pattern will be there in front of us but still we will be searching and putting ourselves in a complicated position-:)

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Have a wonderful weekend


  1. Wow, what beautiful Autumn art! Valerie

  2. what a really beautiful collection of autumn art , and your acrylics are so rich and vibrant! I hope to get something artsy done this weekend-my art time seemed to go by the wayside this week:(

  3. Wow, the colors are really awesome and bright.

  4. Hello Susan, WOW look at all that fall gorgeousness!! I love this so much, way to go my friend! You will have to do this every fall. The last pictures are so pretty, that angel one is so sweet. Keep it up your doing good.
    The weather is cool and windy here too, had the heat on today. Sam plays all weekend in a soccer tournament, YUCK and COLD! I have my WITL photos on the blog now, YAY!
    Take care and happy weekend.

  5. Beautiful assortment of work here!

  6. Fall journal quilt looks amazing! I love all you've done!! It was so stormy this week that the internet was crazy today so frustrating. At least we never lost power like thousands of others did. That's the start of winter for ya!! Thanks for sharing all this beauty!! Love it!

    Hugs Giggles

  7. Your fall journal is simply amazing. Love those colours.

  8. That fall journal looks amazing. Love all the different pages! And the journalpage is lovely with all the texture and heavy paint.


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