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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

T for Thank you

Happy Tuesday and Thank you so much Elizabeth and all my "T time" friends for the loving and encouraging comments that you gave me for my last week's post. 

There are times when I'm confused about where I'm going with my art. Already there are many journals in my shelves and I constantly worry about space. Then I contemplate on whether I should stop doing art but then I know that won't make me happy.

 Words from you are a big help in motivating me to continue...Maybe one day I might be able to take my art to the next level-:)  
I also wanted to share my face book page with you all. Please have a look at it.

 My daily journal writing with my morning cup of tea. 

I'm so behind with the DLP challenges. This is my art for Week-46 challenge which was to incorporate fabric into your page. I adhered a piece of printed cloth and on top of it played with painted deli scraps, paints and stamps.
If you are interested in joining for DLP 2015 do check out this link. I'm a challenge girl. Sometimes I need a good push to create and this project is absolutely wonderful.

 My three year old loves Mo Willems' Elephant and Pig stories. I just wanted to add it to my journal

My seven year old is a voracious reader. He started with chapter books from Kindergarten and each year he will have a favorite series or author. This year one of his favorites is Geronimo Stilton.

That is all for this week.
Linking my post to T stands for Tuesday
Heard that snow is coming to visit us tomorrow-:(
A Very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone


  1. Snow! We expecting highs in the 50s! lol

    The daily journal you're using would encouraging me to write. :) I like the white ink.

  2. Oh Susan, your art always puts a smile on my face. That owl is beyond gorgeous. I have NO idea why you doubt yourself. You are a WONDERFUL artist. You could be selling your art. You always have great composition, wonderful subject matter, and beautiful imagery. You should NEVER doubt yourself, because, take it from someone who can't even draw a tree, your art is wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing your art and tea with us for T this Tuesday. If there's one thing I know about DLP, it's one challenge I won't be joining in 2015. As much as I enjoy seeing what you and Dianne (Art Beneath the Cottonwoods) do, I realize it's for serious artists who can actually draw. So I'll enjoy it from the sidelines and cheer you two on.

  3. I would be curious to know Susan what do you consider would be the 'next level' in your art? Where do you want it to go? Happy T day my friend. Hugs! deb

  4. Hello and Happy T Day Susan! So glad you are here today, look at all the amazing art from you!! WOW, those flowers and the OWL and I recognized Gerimino right away. You have a gift for drawing an colors my friend, please don't doubt yourself, just like Elizabeth said, it's very good. I've seen your art for years and am so happy with the journey you've been on.
    I hope no more snow is coming, it's nice seeing the grass even if it's cloudy and cold out.
    I saw your question on my post about printing photos, I just upload them to Walgreen's like my others. I always post a few of these each month on my blog that I find from places on IG and print them and add them to PL. Hope that helps to answer.
    Oh and your FB page is gorgeous, love seeing all your art there. I wonder if I could link up my IG photos to my blog for others to see.
    Have a happy Thanksgiving with your family and enjoy the downtime with no school. Hope all of you are healthy. love and hugs

  5. Never give up making art! it is food for your soul...enjoyed the fun art here today! Hang in there with DLP...I have to remind myself that I don't need to make a 'masterpiece' and it's ok for me to make something simple. on those days it's usually a fun collage and not much paint. :) great DLP page...lots of color and texture. happy T day!

  6. I appreciate the offer to join you and Dawn (she also wants me to join) next year at DPL, but I am considering doing Journal 52 again next year. You don't have to buy anything, and I always find ways to honor Chelle's prompt. I have a calendar I fill in daily, so the calendar part would be redundant. And I understand many of the ladies have gone a bit overboard on the washi tape, something I have very little of. I'm also doing the Altered Playing Cards each week, and Craft Barns' prompts every two weeks. I actually know when to say no thanks, because it would be too many challenges. And I don't have a whole lot of quit in me, so it's better to say no thanks before hand than get in trouble about half way through. I actually know my limits and like to finish what I start.

  7. Happy belated T-day wishes, thanks so much for stopping by of tea this week.
    Love your DLP page and how you used the fabric......fantastic!
    I LOVE to hear about children that like to read books and your drawings of their favorites are adorable.
    Jumped over to FB so I won't be missing anything, but you will see the request from LaCretia not Krisha....LOL
    Happy Thanksgiving and never stop creating art!

  8. Do art any way you want for the sake of your own creative soul!! :) Always great to hear of a new young lover of books. Happy Belated T-Day! :)

  9. Apologies for the late visit, I hope you had a Happy T Day - I really enjoy seeing your art and look forward to seeing it for many years to come. I am thankful you are here :o))

  10. Happy New Year dear Susan
    I love all of your art here!



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