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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tea and art on a very very cold Tuesday...

Thank you Elizabeth for "Tea time Tuesday". That is something to be happy for today.  Out here it is so windy and cold today that I'm wondering why I sent my kids to school! We would have just remained warm and cozy here.

Anyways, back to share my morning cup of tea and my daily art. Above is yet another journal where I just jot down my thoughts, I felt I needed to let go of all that passes through my mind and what better way than writing them and maybe adding layers of paints over them-:)

Last week, I was in the mood to make journals. I created four of them and have already started using two.
  Yet another "No Sew Handmade Journal". I am sketching subjects that my kids and myself love in the pages of this book.

Here goes:
 I am of course an ardent fan of Nature. I tried sketching some daisies here.

 When I asked my elder son to give me a subject to sketch oops! this is what he asked me to do-:) I drew and outlined the Tiger's face with my favorite Stabilo pencil. It did not come out all that well but I'm thankful to him for letting me do this. I would never have thought to do this otherwise.  

There, my three year old adores and acts like Spiderman. Again another subject that I would never have chosen but am happy that for his sake I gave it a try.

  I also tried some Tulips. I did them only with watercolors and my paintbrush.

Sometimes the self doubt of  "Am I good enough?" rises in me. Last week was no different. But the smile on my kids' faces and their happiness in seeing their favorite themes as sketches made a big difference-:) I know I will be continuing to sketch more of what they will ask me to do.

That is all for today. I'm continuing with my Art Journaling too. One page a week which I feel is more practical and stress free.
Linkign my page to T stands for Tuesday
Thank you for being here and encouraging me with your loving words


  1. I think these will be the best journals to look back on in later years... the sketches will remind you of your childrens favourite things, the things they asked you to sketch... priceless memories indeed. Happy T on Tuesday and thank you for sharing your journals. Annette

  2. Your journals are lovely.
    Happy T Day!!

  3. lovely portrait on that pretty art journal page Susan. Your flower sketches are always so wonderful too. And now you are doing tigers and Spider Man-they are just marvelous!! Put those self doubt thoughts on a page then yes, release them and cover them up with vibrant colors -you are so talented! A happy T day to you and yours.

  4. Hello Susan, Happy T Day! I love that the kids are helping you with these! These are awesome sketches Susan, especially since you haven't done them before. Mine would look way off but yours are great. I love the flowers, they are YOU and I know you enjoy them.
    It is cold here, kids got a snow day. Not happy about that, now they are home and bored and it's too cold to go outside and my quiet day of crafting is not happening. Stay warm and enjoy some more art this week.

  5. I love your thought journal. It is a great way to put those self doubts to rest. Painting over the pain is a great way of freeing you.

    That tiger is terrrrrrific. And Spiderman came out so well, too. You make ANYTHING and EVERYTHING beautiful, whether it's lovely flowers, a self portrait, or requests from your children. Thanks for sharing these over T this Tuesday. BTW, if I could draw even a simple flower I'd be over the moon.

  6. What a great way to engage your children with your art. I think you illustrated their requests really well.


  7. We are our own worst critics I think.
    May I say that you are a very talented artist Susan.
    I always enjoy what you create so much
    and how lucky for your children to have you drawing for them and influencing them too.
    We are having our first cold snap of the season here in northern Virginia and brrr I can't seem to drink enough warm drinks today.
    Sending warm and cozy thoughts your way for a Happy T Day

  8. Keep on sketching! so cool that you drew the subjects your kids favorite is the daisies, though-beautiful! happy T day!

  9. What a wonderful idea to have you children interact with you for your journal. I think all the pages turned out really well. Those daisies should be framed!!
    Happy T-day

  10. I think all your sketches are wonderful! A perfect thought to have your children suggest topics for your drawings. Think if you made each of them a journal of their favorites how treasured it would be!

    Happy T Day!

  11. That is a fantastic way to push yourself and stretch into areas you wouldn't have chosen! What a brilliant idea! Keep going!!! Happy T-Day! :)

  12. I'm enjoying seeing you color in your feelings. Thanks for visiting!

  13. I love how you are willing to let your kids direct some of your art -a joint effort that stretches you and shows them they are included in an activity that might otherwise be solitary.

  14. Great job on all your journaling! I like your idea for sketching your family's favorite things. I have made scrapbook pages with lists of my family's favorite things (books, movies, food, etc.), but I've never tried sketching our faves. I should try it! Thanks for the idea.

    Happy Belated T Day!


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