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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone at Elizabeth's, T Stands for Tuesday. Many many happy returns of the day to you dear Elizabeth. May you have a wonderful day today😊

Last week I was so surprised to receive so many questions on my oats drink. Here, we boil more milk and water,add a scoop of oats and enough sugar  and pour into glasses and drink-:) This drink without sugar ( some add a hint of cardamom or cinnamon or just salt for flavor) is considered to be very healthy.

 So now you people might be wondering what is this white drink she is sharing this week! This is buttermilk-:) Original butter milk is the left over liquid after extracting butter from churned yogurt.
This is just churned yogurt  to which we add cold water, salt, curry leaves, crushed ginger and green chilly. This is again a healthy drink that is free of sugar and calories. It is also a popular drink here especially in summer.
 This watercolor sketch is part of Junelle's class that I had mentioned last week. This was a lesson taught by a very talentedguest artist, Valerie Weller.

I also did some poppies on the next page of this accordion style journal.

More art by my son. He is so into sketching nature and wild life.Another wonderful thing that he does is, he researches on his subject and most of the time remembers to write a short paragraph on it.
Wishing you all a wonderful week.


  1. You and your son are so talented.
    I am extra impressed at the devotion your son puts into what he is doing which is totally precious!
    Interesting to read about you oat drink Susan.
    I am a fan of most things that have cardamom in them ;-)
    Wishing you a Happy T Day

  2. Gorgeous Blossom. Gorgeous Poppies. AWEsome wildlife by your son. I hope he always continues his art. Happy T Day. :D

  3. I agree! Both you and your son are very talented!
    Never heard of either of those drinks, but I imagine they are quite healthy and tasty, too.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  4. I have read about these drinks but have never tried one myself. Beautiful flower paintings! I am partial to those poppies though:) Wonderful wildlife sketches by your son! I hope he continues his artistic journey for a long time. Happy T day dear Susan.

  5. Love your flowers…..and the wildlife sketches! Trying to find healthy drinks so may give these a go!! Happy T day! Chrisx

  6. I'll have to try oats as a beverage. So wonderful paintings! And I love your son's lion painting. It must be so lovely to share this interest.

  7. Your watercolors are gorgeous! I add my buttermilk to pancake mix when I make butter. :)
    Happy T day!

  8. I've had buttermilk, and even used it during T one time, but nothing like you served. Mine is commercial and more than likely, far less healthy.

    Your watercolor drawings are stunning. You do such GREAT work. And again, I'm really impressed with your son's ability. I can see where he gets his talent.

    Thanks for sharing your buttermilk and lovely art with us for T this Tuesday, It all looks like spring, even though I don't think it is where you are.

  9. The talent in your family is abundant, as shown in your photos.

    Belated T-day wishes

  10. Love your art this week and the descriptions of the drinks > I may just give them I try. I already add oats to my morning smoothies. Your son is very talented too and I love seeing kids enjoy art!!!!

  11. Hello and Happy T Day Susan! Sorry I'm late, my computer is acting up and/or being sooo slow. Love your flowers, perfect time to add some spring into our art. Your son did an amazing job drawing, thank you for sharing his here too.
    Hope all is well with you and family. We've had almost spring temps this week with today being the warmest day. Soccer games starts tomorrow, YAY! Kids are ready to be done with school and be on summer vacation. Can't wait for Kristin to come home too, YAY next month!!
    hugs and love friend


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