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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

My Take on Creative Girls...

 Hello Tuesday... Above is my cup of lemon green tea and daily writing journal...I got the feather from our weekly walk at the park.

Two weeks ago I bought Danielle Donaldson's  beautiful  book "Creative Girls"  Last year after taking one of her classes I have become a big fan of her watercolor style.

The book is filled with so many techniques and projects.

The pages are full of Danielle's beautiful watercolor and mixed media work.

I did the above painting from Danielle's class that I had taken last year. She keeps her girl's face blank but I wanted to give mine an identity. I always struggle with faces and even I was not happy with the above girl's features.

I practiced more and this was the result-:) Love how pleasant her face has turned out and I think I have decided that this is how I want  my girls to look like.
Currently, I am going through a framing obsession-:)

Linking my work to Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday
Wish you all a wonderful week


  1. Both of your girls are really lovely Susan!
    You are a talented artist.
    Wishing you a Happy T Day oxo

  2. You are a wonderful watercolor artist Susan! I love both your framed girls. I had heard of this book-and now I just may have to get it as I am still taking classes on mixed media faces and want to explore watercolor too. Thanks for sharing and happy T day!

  3. I love both your girls!

    Happy T Tuesday :)

  4. I can't believe you weren't happy with your first girl. She is stunning, and I like her expression, which is so different from the second one. If I could draw and paint like you, I would be OVER the moon.You are an exceptional artist, whether you're using watercolors, paint, or another medium.

    I enjoyed the feather and it looked great with that cup, too. Thanks for sharing your tea and ART with us for T this Tuesday.

  5. I think both your girls are ADORABLE! maybe the first one has a bit more of a 'frown' expression...because the eyebrows come down to the inside of the eye...but I just think it gives her "Attitude!" there's no pushing her around! ;) That looks like a great book...and your paintings are marvelous. happy T day!

  6. If I did such lovely art girls, I'd have an obsession for framing them too! Love both faces! Enjoy your tea!

  7. Framed or unframed these are just beautiful! I am going to have to see if I can get that book too, did you get it online or store bought??

    Thanks for visiting the GDs and I for Tea this week.

  8. WEll i love your watercolor girls! I have never tried water color but it is on my to do list. :) Thats a mile long... Happy happy tday! hugs! deb

  9. Both of your paintings are lovely! I love watercolor but it is not my strongest medium... I guess I should practice more :) The book looks very interesting.

  10. So excited about these girls, this is so perfect for you!! I love both of these girls, the first one isn't as happy as the second one but still GOOD!! Can't wait to see more of these!! A new project and book always helps get the creative juices flowing again too doesn't it !!!


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