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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

My New/Old journal...

Today for Tea... I have my morning cup of tea and my old/new journal. 

It is old in the sense that this moleskin journal had been with me for the last couple years. I bought it when it was on sale and then, I remember, I had no clue on how and where to use it but somehow I had to buy it because it was on sale-:)

I started using it from last week, so it is kind of new to me -:) I have my daily writing journal where I use one side of it to do the DLP Challenge.  Recently I felt that I wanted to sketch more from my everyday life. Thankfully, I remembered these journals that I had with me and right away put one of them to my use.

This was the first sketch and journaling that I did on this journal

When I was in India, I felt I was most creative then as I had very limited amount of supplies with me. It made me think of how to create with whatever little I had. This did teach me a good lesson and after coming here I have consciously stayed away from art stores. 
Well, after a long 8 months gap, this weekend I visited A.C.Moore! But I reminded myself only to take what I absolutely needed.

"Friendship  isn'T a big thing...It's a million little things. "
Back to my painting. This painting was inspired by the works of Soraya French. Her art, I feel is so colorful and every one of them does tell a story.
I painted this piece on Friendship Day to honor all my near and far away friends who are so dear to me.
Linking my page to all my friends at T Stands for Tuesday


  1. Your friendship pages are very beautiful in so many ways dear Susan!
    I think you have definitely hit on something... I try to remind myself that I already have everything I need.
    Art stores and craft shops sure can be tempting!
    And I too buy things just because they are on sale :-)
    I am becoming less of a shopper finally.
    Wishing you a Happy T Day oxo

  2. I love that friendship quote. It captures it perfectly!

  3. I am familiar with that need to buy something because it's on sale...especially anything that applies to art or journals! Your friendship pages are stunning...thanks for making me smile! happy T day!

  4. When I first started working in mixed media, I raided my friends' recycle bins. My art was atrocious. I gradually got a BIT better, then hit the craft stores and started buying a few things. However, now I limit myself to $5.00 a month. I know that sounds like a paltry amount, but if I want something, I clip a coupon, or wait for the next month to add to the amount I am able to spend. Since most winter sales are in November, I have around $55.00 to spend if I haven't bought anything else through the year. I also get pulled in to summer back-to-school sales, and often buy my glue at that time. I've found some wonderful bargains at Target, but never at WalMart at that time of year. I'm glad you have discovered your limit.

    You have some simply stunning journals. I'm sure you will fill them quickly. I love the first entry in the one journal. I love the bench and your thoughts at the park.

    Thanks for sharing both your tea and your gorgeous journals with us for T this Tuesday!

  5. what a beautiful page depicting friendship Susan! they would make the lovliest cards:) Was thinking of you because I just got Danielle Donaldson's book and LOVE it!! I'm packing for the beach so I have my kit ready-even painted a bunch of backgrounds already cuz I just had to! I was good though-the book was all I bought outside of a new Pitt Pen I needed.

  6. I love your pages and your brilliant drawings! I am easily drawn to sales but I am getting better at analysing why I want something and then talking myself out of buying! I do like to go to a small twice yearly craft show as I can get most of the craft supplies I like there and its a good place to meet up with crafty friends! Happy T day! Chrisx

  7. Beautiful friendship page!
    I know what you mean by trying not to buy supplies. I have to be disciplined to do that. Now we live in a part of the country where there are no art shops or craft suppliers so that makes it easier. On my blog for today I wrote about someone who (with her family) agreed not to purchase anything for a month. (no groceries either, just living from storecupboard and freezer). Interesting....
    Have a good T for Tuesday,

  8. I love your page spread! I have a few writing journals I bought and have had sitting in a drawer that I decided to use first before I buy anything new. (Or at least intersperse with new ones--LOL!) I do need to use them up or give them away. Happy T-Day! :)

  9. I just love your painting... so simple and so absolutely fantastic!! I refuse to buy anymore art supplies until we are done remodeling... Its so so haaarrddd.... :) Happy happy Tday!! Hugs! deb

  10. Wonderful painting, have fun with your journals. Valerie

  11. Hello Susan! I feel the same way about journals on sale too, having some set aside for projects is always a good idea. How nice to see your daily sketches and writings, good to look back on those too. LOVE your friendship page/girls, beautiful!! We are so blessed to have near and far away friends, thankful blog world lets us do that.
    Hope your enjoying the last of summer as I am. Can't believe it's almost over, each year just goes quicker. Thankful for all the time we did have and got to do though. The passing of my ex stepdad is hard along with other deaths that hit us that week, slowing down and prayers are helping so much! Thank you for your prayers and friendship Susan!!
    Love and hugs!

  12. I do so love your Friendship pages !!! I have to stay away form the art supply stores too or I will always buy more than I intended too :) Seems to be a universal affliction among the creative types :)

  13. What a lovely page!It is an amazing tribute to friendship!I think buying art supplies is an addiction!I confess I am not prepared yet to be far from art supply stores yet but I'll be one day. Happy belated T stands for Tuesday!


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