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Monday, August 24, 2015

Winding up WITL- Aug2015

I missed posting Friday and Saturday pictures here. Weekends are the busiest for us-:) I also couldn't take that many photos the last three days. But i didn't want to feel stressed while doing this project, as I felt then it would take away all the fun from it. 
Here I have combined the photos and stories of the last three days. I am happy to have tried this project for the first time. Thank you Ali for coming up with this great idea. I hope I can take more pictures for the next WITL.

 Early morning art time...
 I love taking pictures around our place
 This is my little Drama Prince-:) He had just woken up and I asked him to smile. This is what I got instead-:)
Friday cooking. Mostly I cook our traditional meals and we use so much coconut in our cooking 
 My 4 year old having his lunch

My 8 year old loved reading. Currently he is reading Chr...

My Friday pictures end here. We did make a trip to the shop, got some yummy snacks from two lovely neighbors, my kids played a lot, ... I did miss taking pictures of all that yet feeling Thankful for snapping at least these many 

 Finishing my painting. Sometimes I get frustrated of not having enough time to create. Last week I did very little art as so much time went for taking and editing the pictures. Hopefully once school starts I can do more.

 Saturday is for swimming... My boys love it. He just started taking classes this summer and is totally in love with it.For the Fall session he is going to the third level,    
 While his brother takes the class, he enjoys playing  Asphalt-8
 After his class...
 When my oldest takes his class my little one plays in the playground nearby. He has got a friend too...
Thank you for posing Sid-:)
 Another trip to the shop. Fall decor is out everywhere 

 They bought a Dynosaur Fossil digging kit and after coming home they got busy with that.
 Yayy! they did dig up some bones and created this T-Rex -:)
My oldest got his class notification from school. He is half excited and half okay about starting 3rd Grade. 

My Saturday photos end here. We did have Chinese take away for lunch, spent time talking with neighbors, went for walks, I and my hubby watched a movie and slept late around 1 am ...again  reminding myself it is ok that i was not able to document all that.

The last day of this project  
 A random shot. I love this old historical building that is next to our place.
Clean Table...Did lot of cleaning and organizing around the house.
In the afternoon we made a trip to the library. He took a Car Magazine to sketch some of his favorite cars
 Evening we went to the nearby park. While the children played. I and my husband walked around for almost an hour.
It is almost time to go... We made one last trip to the store to get some fruits(again I forgot to take pictures from there)  and got back home.The kids settled down to watch a DVD that they borrowed from the library, my hubby had some work and I edited all the pictures from the last three days.

That is it for now with this project. Hopefully, I will be able to take the prints soon and make an album out of all these.Thank you so much for everyone who took time to comment on my posts. 
Will be back with my usual posts from tomorrow


  1. Hello Susan, so glad you kept at it over the busy weekend!! You did it for a whole week!! So proud of you and so very happy that you joined me!! LOVE seeing your everyday pictures and there are plenty here so no worries that you didn't take some, it's a good balance of living life at the same time friend and you did great!
    Your boys are so cute, they play together nicely and have such fun. You are a busy mom too, so good to see that. I didn't get much art or extra's done this week due to this project and that's ok, for one week this was my art and I'm happy for it. Enjoy getting back into your normal routine and art time and yay for school time. Seeing your place inside and out and about was so fun.
    Does it feel weird not to take pictures today? Can't wait to see your album! Will slowly start planning mine this week but won't get to it till next week.
    Thanks again Susan, enjoy your week! xo

  2. I was glad I went back and read your day by day posts. I was going to answer on each one, but I'm really sleepy and must get some sleep soon.

    You sure use a lot of coconut, right down to coconut milk. All your food looks yummy, but the veggie stir fry sounds the best.

    Loved seeing your children at play and how their attitudes change each day. So cute that you caught those rare moments when they were being good, angelic, or dramatic.

    Now I really MUST get to bed. I nearly fell asleep leaving this comment!

  3. Forgot to mention it was fun to see where you live, too.

  4. Wow..Su ..loved every bit of WITL.

  5. It was lovely goin through this to know u better...

  6. It was lovely goin through this to know u better...


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