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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

WITL- Day 2

Week in the Life: Day-2
When i decided to join this project I never thought of posting it here for the whole week. My mind was only set on making an album. But I guess, now i have changed my mind. I think if these stories are here on my blog I can always go through them anytime I want. As for taking the prints, I will have to wait for this project to end. I have no printer at home so have to take everything from outside.  
 Good Morning and I am free of my headache today. No walks or exercise today-:( still I am feeling happy. (I dont think there are that many pictures of mine in this space. So here goes one...)
 We usually have cereals or oats with fruits for breakfast. My current favorite milk to add into my oats: Coconut Milk.

 My eldest is a big time fan of Legos. He can sit for hours and create amazing things from his own imagination.
As it is the holidays, there is no set routine as such. Today, this is what they were doing immediately after getting out of bed

 Books from my favorite author. I have read all of them but I want to read them again

 My 4 year old has started to read-:) Feeling Thankful to document these little,(big) things here.  

 Coloring with one of his neighbor friends
 He is going into 3rd Grade. Practicing how to write Essays... I found out that they do have some intense stuff this year. So we do sit everyday for some writing and Math. 
 With yet another creation of his
 Our table after art and study time-:)
 What we made today, a bouncy Spider crown
 My 8 year old came up with his own imagination and made a wolverine crown 
 Spider... Craft inspired from Pinterest
This Summer he learned so many things... to ride the bike without the training wheels, to read and write his letters and numbers and also enjoys his swimming classes.
We are so proud of all that you do Sid-:)

Will be back tomorrow with yet another set of pictures.
Wish you all a good day


  1. Hello happy to see ur sweet little family though the big boss was wishes nd hugs to the sweeties....forgot to comment on ur creations...hats off to mom nd son!!

  2. Hello Susan! SO HAPPY to see your face in here too, YAY! Beautiful my friend! These photos are great, just what you will love looking back on. So much to enjoy with your boys right now, they are growing up fast. Happy you will have these memories for them and you to look back on. Another busy day too, great that you made time for schooling and fun and crafts, perfect day I think.
    It is great that you are sharing them here too, it keeps me motivated and helps me when I need to go back and look over our days for my album.
    Keep up the good work!


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