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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

T for Thanksgiving week

Happy Thanksgiving in advance to all my blog land friends 
I and my 4 year old made this card for the occasion

 I'm linking my morning cup of Tea and Sunflowers at Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday
 My Sunflowers in watercolor is my art for today's Daily Sketch. I use a mix of Koi and Winsor and Newton  watercolors for my paintings.
 This week I am referring Cathy Johnson's wonderful book on watercolors.
This is the third and the last painting from Laurie May's 'Dresses on a Clothesline' class
Wish I could slow down but with school going kids, daily errands, gets too busy. Hoping to have some quiet time during the weekend 
Wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving 


  1. I like the fall tree you and your 4-year-old made. Perfect for this season. And sunflowers, too. I'm always in the mood for them. Happy T Tuesday and hoping you have a fun Thanksgiving :)

  2. What an adorable tree just perfect for Thanksgiving. Those are incredible sunflowers. I live in the sunflower state, so I know yours are simply stunning. Of course, my favorite is the dress on the clothes line, because I love to cut and paste dresses, but I can't paint them. Nor can I paint that adorable bird.

    Thanks for sharing your incredible art and your tea with us for T this Tuesday. Hope you and your family have a simply WONDERFUL and safe Thanksgiving, too, Susan.

  3. Your art is wonderful, love the dress on the line, and the sunflower painting and the card are really good. Enjoy your tea, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. I do love your clothesline series of paintings Susan. Your sunflowers are gorgeous!! And that wonderful tree-glorious work by your very young talented son. Wishing you quiet days and a happy T day too!

  5. lovely art..I signed up for that little dresses one too as I love the bird..must get on with it

  6. I LOVE ALL the paintings. AND the thumbprint tree!!!! GREAT job.
    Grandma Nancy in central IL

  7. Hello Susan, Happy T Day!! I am so happy to see those sunflowers, I know you love them so much!! They came out beautiful and so real looking, great job. Your other paintings are lovely too, so glad your doing art everyday and enjoying it.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Susan, so thankful to be friends with you and enjoy art together. Thank you for all your support and friendship. Enjoy the long lazy weekend and your family time. Stay warm and safe, hugs!

  8. Sorry I am so late in visiting but like you there seem to be so many demands on my time right now! I'm glad I stopped by to see your gorgeous artwork--I simply adore the sunflowers and the tree you made with your little one. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  9. Lovely art this week ♥ I'm so far behind with everything I'm just now catching up on "T" day post. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and you get that quiet time you're longing for ♥


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