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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

T stands for Christmas

Happy Tuesday everyone Two more weeks to go before Christmas. Last weekend we put up our tree and changed the table decor ( there you can see my Christmas candles).
Our first Christmas at our new place! 
I'm sharing my cup of green tea with Elizabeth at T Stands for Tuesday
The book I want to share with you is Joel Osteen's "Daily Readings from Your Best Life Now". This is my second book by Osteen.  I loved his "Your Best Life Now for Moms". I love books and speeches that are filled with positive notes. I feel there is always  something good that we can attain from them.
Dear Dawn, you were so much in my thoughts when I started reading this book. I know you enjoy these kind of books-:)

Hand made watercolor cards. The snowmen cards are from last to last year. They are a favorite of mine. They are the prints of my original watercolor snow man paintings. I'm planning to get more new prints from some of my recent  paintings.
Do you have a favorite here?

I clicked this picture of our tree yesterday night. 

On the side there are more Christmas decorations.  That lovely Santa was a gift from one of our old neighbors.

We have two new members in our home now. The children had been asking for an aquarium for a long time.  So, here is one of our cute little fish-:)

Now let me share with you an upcycled project that I did some time ago. When we moved, I was  badly in need of some storage space for keeping my paper supplies. Cash was short-:) so I was on the lookout for converting some thing that I already had. This cardboard box in which we buy drinking water gave me an idea.

I covered the outer sides with pattern paper and modpodge. I mainly used tons of scraps that was in my stash, which otherwise would have been still sitting there.

I also adhered the partition that was in the middleof the box with pretty paper.

The paper layer and modpodge made the box even more strong. It was a quick project that just took me less that 2 hours.

Im so happy with the box. It can carry almost all my paper supply and rests under my craft table.

Sorry for the long post. Hope to visit everyone at 'T' today
Have a great week 


  1. What a great box! I love useful things that are also nice to look at. :) I'm sorry, but I can't pick a favorite card. Each of them makes me smile, so they're all winners in my book. Happy T Tuesday!

  2. Your box is wonderful, what a great idea, I think I need to copy your idea. Love the Christmas cards you made, all of hem. Have a great week, take care, and happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  3. How special this Christmas will be in your new home Susan! I love ALL of your snowmen and couldn't pick a favorite. Your pretty box was the perfect solution for your papers-great job! I'm just getting my things out and have much to do yet to get the tree lights on and decorated-but I think I can have most of it done by tomorrow:) Happy T day my friend!

  4. It's wonderful that you are now settled into your new home. I am sure it is even nicer now that your Christmas decorations are up.

    Please don't ask me about cards, because everyone who has seen my main floor bath will tell you the cardinal is my favorite.

    Your box is fantastic. Form follows inspiration is one of my favorite sayings. And you have been inspired to create a functional piece from what would have been recycled fodder. Good for you. I may ask to share it when I have my recycled Earth month.

    Thanks for sharing your art, those gorgeous cards, the adorable tree and decorations, your recycled box, and your tea with us for T this Tuesday.

  5. Not a long post at all.....wait till you see mine this week....LOL you've been warned!
    Your box turned out fantastic!!! I've done the same thing a time or two, such a good way to use those extra papers and the results are always so pretty.
    Thanks for sharing.....
    Happy T-day

  6. Those watercolor cards are wonderful!

  7. I'm always a sucker for cardinals.
    What a great upcycled box!! Perfect!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  8. really adorable snowman cards! I think I like the cardinal the best, sweet! love all your photos, and your decorated box is a brilliant idea! happy belated T day!

  9. Great post and not long at all. Love your cards and that decorated box is great! Having the handles is fantastic :)

  10. Sorry to be so late in visiting....your snowmen are all so delightful; I can't pic a favorite! Your tree looks lovely and your decorated box is a terrific way to carry around your supplies & paper--not to mention a good way to recycle the box!

  11. What a fun post this was to read, full of all happy things!! Thank you so much for mentioning me here and your book. I just wrote it down and will get it, looks so good already, thank you for thinking of me Susan!!
    LOVE your box, it's so pretty and good idea to use it for your things. Your tree is beautiful, all those white lights make me happy!! I remember the snowman cards and have mine still right here on my shelf, thankful you shared it with me so much friend. Thank you for this lovely post, made my day seeing all that's going on with you. HUGS!

  12. Love your cards, your tree and your box.Happy belated t-day:)My friend!


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