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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy 2016

Day-2 Teacups 
Happy New Year to all my 'Tea' friends at Elizabeth's  T stands for Tuesday 
Today, I m sharing my sketches of different types of tea cups here.
I have signed up for various challenges in January. One of them is Lisa Congdon's 30 Day Drawing Challenge.  She has given 30 different themes and everyday we can create various sketches on the given topic.

Day-1 Trees
I basically took up this challenge for the fun of it. There is no stress for perfection here. Also, I don't have to commit so much time for this each day.

 Day-3 Chairs This was a difficult task for me. I'm not at all comfortable with perspective drawing.
Day-4 Leaves I colored them with my new set of QoR watercolors.

Another challenge for this month is Lisa Sonora's 30 Day Journal Project. Every year she does this free project and this is my third time. I'm a 'quote' girl and in this project Lisa, shares meaningful quotes from other artists and inspires us to write with h er own prompts.




I've chosen collage medium for this project. I've so many left over pattern papers and painted sheets. This is a great way to use them.

Apart from these two projects, I've also joined for Jennifer  Frith's year long , The Gratitude  52 Sketchbook Project and The Documented Life Project 2016: the unplanner.

Too many right:-) Well, the first two will get over by the end of this month, still I'm a big fan of challenges and will try to take part in them in anyway I can.
Do you have any  new challenges that you know of?
Have a wonderful week 


  1. Wow! So many projects! My hat's off to you :)

    Happy T Tuesday :)

  2. Beautiful sketches and journaling, you have a lot to do this month, have fun. Happy T Day, Valerie

  3. These are incredible. I'm a HUGE fan of those teacups and trees. Gotta love them, that's for sure. And your art is simply wonderful.

    Glad you joined the projects you were interested in. I've gotten out of Journal 52, and this year plan to work on swaps, instead. It will be great to hold some wonderful art in my hands, rather than looking at it on the interweb.

    Thanks for sharing your art and projects with us for T this Tuesday. I simply adore the teacups, dear Susan.

  4. I think your sketches are brilliant Susan, especially the teacups! I love the pages you have created based on those quotes -what a great idea! Enjoy your challenges!Hugs, Chrisx

  5. Wow! Have you ever been on a creative streak!! Fantastic start to the new year.
    Robyn in the T-Group joined a monthly challenge FB group called Pick A Stick that I want to join. Sounded challenging and that is my word for the year--LOL! Glad I made it around this week. Happy T-Day. :)

  6. Oh Susan you are going to be SO creatively busy for quite awhile! I can see by the classes why you want to join in. I love the idea of the drawing challenge where you do a page of one subject. Great practice!Your collaged pages are super, and a great way to use quotes as prompts. Here's to a new year filled with creative possibilities! And a happy T day too:)

  7. Enjoyed seeing all your journal pages and drawings! The tea cups are fabulous!
    Happy T Day!

  8. Hello Susan, so happy you/we are doing these challenges together!!! I adore your sketches each day on IG so much, they are so pretty even without color. It is overwhelming doing so many this month but it will slow down after so good that we can enjoy the crazy fun now.
    Happy weekend, hope you are doing good and kids are settled back into routine. We are doing good here. I'm going to read the post below now. Sorry it's taken me so long to get here. Take care and HUGS!!!

  9. Your teacup sketches are amazing!!
    Happy T day...way late!

  10. Your collages are amazing!And your sketches are lovely!I love challenges!They make our creative juices flow!Happy T day:)!


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