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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Flowers for Tea

Wow! Now we are in the last week of February. .. Time is fleeing and I thought I would share an interesting 'time' quote here. I have no idea about the source but I found it striking.
"The bad news is time flies.The good news is you're the pilot." This is something that I need to keep in mind. Instead of whining about lost time I should steer myself in the right direction, so much can be finished in so little time then-:)

This is my morning table. I have my usual glass of water and some more loose watercolor paintings.
I found a wonderful artist in youtube by the name 'jayart' and learned so much from her videos.

 Made couple of 'celebration' cards. I added some glitter to them as well.
Thank you dear husband for this cart-:) About two years ago I saw this cart being used by couple of artists. Recently, I happened to see this in our Ikea store and my hubby bought it for me as my anniversary gift-:)
This cart is lightweight, has wheels and so much can be fit in each tray. Now I can keep my dining table more clean, I guess-:) 

Linking my post to Elizabeth's T stands for Tuesday
Wishing you all a wonderful week 


  1. The flowers are great and make me feel spring is on the way. I like that cart, it looks so useful

  2. What amazing and beautiful cards. I was especially enamored with the "congratulations" card. It is beautiful. Of course, they all are, but that one made me sit up and salivate.

    I love your new cart. I don't live within a 1000 miles of an IKEA, so I envy you that shopping trip. It's a great way to keep all those extras, and I love that it's on wheels, too.

    Thanks for sharing your water and your watercolor paintings with us for T this Tuesday. So glad you found an artist on YouTube you can follow.

  3. The flowers are AMAZING and the card looks very handy !
    Happy T-Day!

  4. your cards are just gorgeous Susan - I love them all! great quote about time. Your new cart looks super too-especially since you need to be organized when working on the dining room table. Happy T day!

  5. Your cards are so beautiful! I will check out 'jayart' I have seen a similar cart that hubby has said maybe we will buy! Happy T day! Chrisx

  6. OMGosh! Those are all just gorgeous! And that was a sweet gift from the hubby! I see those online all the time, too. Look very handy. Happy anniversary. And happy T-Day! :)

  7. Beautiful cards !I will have to check out the artist . I need lots of help with watercolors :) I have a cart like that and I love it!!!! Mine is teal colored and I got it at Sam's Club. I just may be buying another one soon .

  8. your watercolor cards are stunning! Love the loose style and touch of glitter...sparkles are always good! happy T day!

  9. Your cards are gorgeous Susan!
    What a sweet husband to buy you a gift you'll use and enjoy often.
    Thank you for visiting me at my Magpie's Nest.
    Hope you're having a lovely day oxo


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