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Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Mother's Day

Today I'm continuing to share the art I'm doing for The 100 Days Project hosted by Ella Luna.
At the beginning of this year I had also signed up for The Gratitude 52 Weeks Challenge hosted by Jennifer Frith. The prompt for Week-15 was Self Care. I did a leaf and flower wreath in watercolor. Added the  tree and a quote by Deborah Day on the subject
This page is also my take for Day-12/100 for The 100 Days Project 
Day-13/100 I usually use acrylics for backgrounds. This time I came out of my comfort zone and painted some florals with them. I love them so much and want to try more such Spring themes using acrylics.
Day-14/100 Picnic: I'm proud of being a girl😊😊A mixed media piece... I'm so happy that this is also an order that I received to make as a Birthday invite for a little girl :-)

Day 15/100 Hello... A special piece in watercolor for a friend:-)

Day-16/100 Her name is Faith

Day-17/100 Little Jumbo in watercolors 

Day-18/100  A special page in my Art Journal for Mother's Day
The challenge for April 30th at the DLP Unplanner was to use a color that you usually avoid. For me, one of those colors would be brown. On an art journal background, I typically don't use this color unless there is a specific reason to use it. I would never choose this color for a banner. So here I made a banner with brown and on it says, 
"I Love You Mom."

I'm linking my post to the awesome PPF team (Oh my goodness!  I just saw my post chosen by the PPF team on their site this week😄😄 So happy to see my blog and name over there. Thank you so much Eva and Kristin you made my day:-)

To all the mothers out there Happy Mothers Weekend.Have a wonderful time 


  1. So many cute pages and cards--OMGoodness! You have been very busy.
    Happy Mother's Day to you, too. :)

  2. What a Super post. I love all your fabulous Art pieces. The little Jumbo's coloring is very beautiful.
    Happy Mothers Day 🌸

  3. Beautiful paintings. My fave is the last one. I made myself a 100 day project. I wish the official challenge was on Facebook or blog spot. The last thing I want is another site to keep me wasting time on the computer.

  4. These are just wonderful. I especially loved the first one. Thank you for posting your beautiful artwork. Happy PPF!

  5. Wonderful art pages! Those flowers pop off the page! Delightful all.
    Wishing you another very creative week ahead. HPPF!

  6. These are beautiful pages. I love your "self-care" piece, but it's so nice to see all of them. Great colors.

  7. your post is filled with beauty Susan-and such variety too! Love the quote. Congrats on being featured at PPF!! Wishing you a happy Mother's Day too.

  8. So much beautiful and varied artwork here.
    Congrats on being featured by PPF.
    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy PPF to you

  9. What a gorgeous compilation of it!! You need to do more florals...that page is stunning...also LOVE the elephant, heart and your Nourish page!! Wonderful work!

  10. WoW!!!! What a fabulous selection of art. Each one different and expressive. My favorites are Faith and the Elephant. Have a wonderful day today.


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