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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


The unknown hands placed them
All thirty-two of them, on opposite ends
Black and white, ready to fight
To forfeit the opponent, traps are laid
To vanquish the enemy, threats are contrived.
Strategies are set up to lure the adversary.
To make a break through,
Each one gets sacrificed.
Yes, starting with the gambit.
Moves are cramped, paths are blockaded
The knight, the rook, the bishop
All are fallen and pinned unceremoniously.
Check! The endgame
The king of the duffer is checkmated
Ruthlessly forced to move.
And the vanquisher-
Oh, but he looks so forlorn,
Without his mates to cheer him
His victory transformed to utter meaninglessness.


  1. Having been a "duffer: so many times I was hoping you would choose a more flattering term! However you have hit the nail on the head with (so often) the lack of cheer squad for one's meaningless win.

    I enjoyed it.

  2. A real thought provoking poem on the subtleties of life reflected through the game of chess !!! Any victory without a real purpose is none the better to an unsuccessful life.

    Great metaphor on "success" !!!

    Prem Joseph Thomas, Ampattu


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