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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Weird are the ways of this world
Strange how this journey ends.

People of different colors and culture,
But only one word to name them-Humans;
Destined to share the wealth of the world
Yet fighting with each other to possess the earth.

It is queer that the people of this planet
Are guided by manifold Gods
Yet peace and happiness
Seem a thousand miles away.

Odd how the rich and the wicked
Grow richer day by day;
It's sad that the poor and the simple
Can never break their shackles.

Weird, how life still revolves around
With all this injustice
But even in our sufferings, we hope
The journey never ends.


  1. Life on this planet is a strange business, isn't it?! I couldn't agree more. But hope keeps us going, hope for better, for brighter, for justice. And sometimes a smile from a stranger bring a bit of happy just when we need it. Daily I pray for peace, love and joy the world-over. :o)

  2. Because we know that we have to keep going in faith even when we don't understand the why. Well said.

  3. Dear Susan,

    Poems may not be my cup of tea! I hated those moments when I was instructed to learn-by-heart, the "first 10 lines or last 15 lines" of various poems while in School!!

    In your poem, the message is properly conveyed.

    Yes, the world/life/people/work everything is getting more and more weird day by day!

    Please continue writing!

    Good Luck,


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